5-hour Energy Focus Commercial

5-hour Energy Focus Commercial
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January 9, 2014


“What is focus? It’s a wondrous sensation of clarity and alertness. It’s owning your opponent. It’s knowing beyond a doubt, you got this. It’s keeping your head down, eye on the ball, and knocking it out of the park. It’s getting in the zone. It’s keeping on your toes, on target, on top. Focus is staring the world in the face and saying bring it. Focus is power. Focus is life. And 5-Hour Energy is focus.”

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4 User Reviews

  • Rick says:

    Focus is not a wondrous sensation. Focus is a naturally occuring state of deliberate concentration. If we really live in a land where focus is considered “wondrous” then we’ve already lost the long game.

  • Maxxwell Magee says:

    I’m trying to figure out the guy’s name in this commercial. I dont really care about the other stuff.

  • J says:

    This commercial is just lame and so full of s***.

  • Mark says:

    Focus would also imply a chess player knows you can’t capture a king. Better have another hit … and find some competent ad people — MU