ABSOLUT Transform Today Commercial

ABSOLUT Transform Today Commercial
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September 10, 2013


Featuring the song Ghost Lights by Woodkid, we follow four artists, Aaron Koblin, Rafael Grampá, Yiqing Yin, and of course Woodkid, as they gain inspiration to create their new works of art. Yinqing Yin is a french fashion designer based out of Paris who, in this commercial, gets her inspiration from painting, drawings, and other works of art to create her next fashion line. Aaron Koblin is an American Digital Media artist who gets his inspiration from watching from afar seeing them as beams of light, which he then transforms into a laser light show. Rafael Grampá is a Brazilian comic book artist who gets his inspiration by sketching what he sees around him, in this case a man sitting at a bar watching old TV shows. Rafael then creates Dark Noir. Woodkid is a NeoFolk Musician who stares at a running ceiling fan and pictures clouds of black water to create the very song featured in this commercial. Transform Today.

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