Adidas Unite All Originals Run DMC and A-Trak Commercial

Adidas Unite All Originals Run DMC and A-Trak Commercial
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August 22, 2013


Run DMC and A-Trak take part in this Adidas commercial. Run DMC walk to the streets like beasts and everything gets crazy animated. A-Trak spins and Run DMC raps during the entire commercial. Some scenes include a guy spitting fire out of his mouth while leaning out of a car window, Darryl McDaniels holds up a man playing basketball with his fingers, a few kids get their bodies stretched out over a train, city building windows get colorized in a very cool fashion, colored stripes run rampant around the city, and of course all of the gang appear as animated versions of themselves.

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  • Chizl says:

    I just wish I could record HD off the TV so well. I keep buying hardward/software and it all looks like crap compared to this.