Adult Swim A Good Day to Die Hard Commercial

Adult Swim A Good Day to Die Hard Commercial
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May 20, 2013


A Russian movie critic and his puppet, Trotsky, review the Die Hard film, A Good Day to Die Hard, on Adult Swim, all while watching the movie on his “portable device”. A few scenes from the movie are peppered in as well. They claim you can be as smart as them and own the movie on digital hd.

Script: Russian Movie Critic – “Welcome back to the show. I am watching greatest movie ever. So many cars crashing and kicking of butts. Best of all, they are in Russia. This man John McClane and his equally handsome strong son come to greatest country, and blow it up. I hate this man… but I also love him. I watch over and over again on my portable device on a digital hd for low price.” Puppet – “I watch all day from my cage.” Russian Movie Critic –  “Good job Trotsky! You’ll be smart like me and this puppet, and own movie on digital hd on your cloud. Today, it’s a good day to die hard.”

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