Allstate Fast Food Trash Commercial

Allstate Fast Food Trash Commercial
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December 30, 2013


Dean Winters portrays the mayhem of being fast food trash as he sits in the passenger seat of a car. “I’m a big old bag of fast food trash. Nature lover here has had his fill, now he wants to set me free.” The man tosses Dean Winters out of his car window causing the car behind him to crash into the guard rail. “And if you’ve got cut-rate insurance, you could be paying for this yourself.” Dean is then run over by another car and gets stuck underneath the car. “So get Allstate.” He is freed from beneath the moving car and is then blow off the road by a tractor trailer. He’s blown down a hill where some bears are feeding. “So get Allstate where agents help keep you protected from mayhem.” Dean is carried away in the mouth of a bear “Like me.”

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3 User Reviews

  • Melisa says:

    My brother was hit by a car and killed when he was riding his bike. He was just 12 years old….days from his 13th birthday. I can assure you…..this commercial is not funny and some find it disgusting. A little sensitivity goes a LONG way.

  • Cori Pryor says:

    I love the mayhem commercials…this one was to funny for words!!!! Not disturbing but truthful about what happens to the trash people throw out of their vehicle.

  • Merv says:

    This commercial is too violent and disturbing. I was watching for l with my kids and they were very disturbed by this.