American Express Tina Fey Yogurt Facial Commercial

American Express Tina Fey Yogurt Facial Commercial
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March 4, 2014


Tina Fey has yogurt spread all over her face by her daughter for a yogurt facial. “A day at the spa is essential for rejuvenating your spirit.” Tina talks to her daughter “You owe me this because I clean your tushy.” The toddler finishes up by dabbing some yogurt on Tina’s nose. “But I’ll settle for a toddler yogurt facial any day.” The toddler finishes “All done, mommy.” Tina goes out to buy some more yogurt. The cashier says “Hey! Love that yogurt. You uh, got a little something in…” Tina looks down at the yogurt in her hair. “Hm, it happens. Yogurt is number 14 of my 20.” She tastes the yogurt still in her hair “Still good.”

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4 User Reviews

  • Nick says:

    Love this commercial she looks amazing and her daughter is too cute!

  • P.J. says:

    Is the child in the commercial Tina Feys biological child?

  • Kai Jones says:

    I have never seen Tina Fey look so beautiful. Beautiful interaction with daughter. Very intimately beautiful human relation and interaction with child and a beautiful image of life and human bonding. So much love.

  • Nick says:

    The credit card is being swiped on the wrong side. I never understand how mistakes like this are not caught.