AT&T Big Pool vs Small Pool Commercial

AT&T Big Pool vs Small Pool Commercial
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December 13, 2013


Beck Bennett, interviews school kids. “What’s better, bigger or smaller?” The kids reply “Bigger!” Beck continues “Now lets say a friend invites you over and they have a really big really fun pool. And then another friend invites you over who has a much smaller less fun pool. Which pool would you rather go to?” The kids have follow up questions “Does the big pool have piranhas?” Beck answers “I believe so.” The kids ask “Does it have a dinosaur that can turn into a robot and chop the water like a karate ninja?” Back replies “Yea. Why would it not?”

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14 User Reviews

  • Faizi says:

    That video was very funny

  • Comrade_Ogilvy says:

    I literally change the channel any time these children are shown on TV.

  • Best… commercial… other than their other ones. I really love the ones with the kids where the adult says ridiculous stuff.

  • Iridessa says:

    The question isn’t about which friend you would go see it’s about which pool you would rather go to. Parents teach kids lessons about interactions with other people not commercials.

  • Roger says:

    Thank you for clarifying what the kid actually says. I could never make out what he was saying toward the end.

  • Rainbow says:

    I think the kid actually was thinking it would NOT be better to swim in a bigger pool if it had piranhas and something karate chopping the water! He was weighing pros and cons. Bigger is not always better, as the kid would surely decide.

  • Workers Unite says:

    This commercial is horrible on more than one level. For one thing I can’t stand that annoying kid that says “Does it have a dinosaur that turns into a robot that chops the water like a karate ninja?” This is (at least) the second of these commercials that he’s provided the starring role in and I don’t know who thinks he’s cute or funny but he’s just grating.

    But far more importantly what kind of a message does this commercial send? Which friend would you rather go see, the one with the big pool and more stuff or the one with the little pool and less stuff? Wow, way to showcase one of the leading things wrong with America, the obsession with materialistic crap at the expense of everything else in life, the “keeping up with the Joneses” mentality. That people are defined by how much stuff they have, that more stuff automatically = a better person. This commercial is an abomination.

  • I absolutely love this commercial!! Enough to actually look it up and comment here! His deadpan delivery of “Yea. Why would it not?” is perfectly delivered… he has a future as a comedic straightman!!

  • Ka oxidine says:

    I find this commercial reprehensible. To have children choose their friends on who has “bigger and better stuff” is teaching just what we don’t want children to learn. Guess the friend who doesn’t have the biggest pool is bullied all the time. And here I thought it was “in” for companies to be against bullying. Guess AT &T didn’t get the word.

  • Ana says:

    I say their marketing department should rethink the script on this particular ad.

  • DonS says:

    That’s hilarious. He doesn’t just say “of course” to the dinosaur question, he actually put it back on the kid (“Why would it not”). Love it =)

  • KelseyB says:

    They’re little kids…. This commercial is amazing.

  • MiguelW says:

    This commercial is dumb. Why would you want to swim in a pool with piranha?