AT&T Grant Hill Slam Dunk Commercial

AT&T Grant Hill Slam Dunk Commercial
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March 26, 2014


Lily, played by Milana Vayntrub, talks with Grant Hill and his wife. Lily greets them “Can I help you?” Grant replies “We just wanted to find out about your family plan.” Lily gives them the information “Sure, you get 10 gigs of data to share, with unlimited talk and text. And for a family of four that’s $160 a month.” Grants wife says “Sounds great.” Grant Hill adds “Sounds like a slam dunk.” Lily asks “Oh you a basketball fan?” Grant replies “Yea I played a little.” Lily responds “Mmm, me too. Lily Adams, point guard, high school JV.” Grant Hill one ups her “Grant Hill, small forward, college and professional.” Lily replies “Oh, good for you.”

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  • Mike says:

    She’s really cute. Now the really bad looking girl in the Progressive Insurance commercials, I have to look away.

  • Paul says:

    I’m in love with Lily Adams :)

  • Marsha Y. says:

    Jeez, it’s a cute commercial…I like it.

  • Roberta says:

    This commercial is cringe-inducing and corny beyond belief. That Lily person is so cloying with that annoying fake baby voice. I think AT&T thinks they’re creating a new Flo type character. Good luck with that, and honey, don’t give up your day job.

  • Lauren says:

    I liked it. It’s a witty commercial. Maybe some people have a problem with it because it’s not cheap, slap-stick comedy. It take a more subtle approach to humor. But really, if you’re trash talking a girl in a commercial, maybe you’ve got too much time on your hands.

  • Robert Miller says:

    Either I’m naive or some of the people who commented are so full of hate that they simply they lack judgment and perspective. I have seen the ad numerous times and I find it wholesome. Lily is delighted to find someone who likes basketball and she is eager to share her status. Once Grant Hill tells Lily his playing accomplishment, she can only say “Good for you” because she has no idea who Grant Hill is and probably doesn’t realize what playing big time college and pro ball mean.

  • aaeon says:

    This commercial is the stupidest most meaningless commercial I have ever seen. I SMH every time I see it.

  • Dionne says:

    Are these comments for real. IDIOT PEOPLE. THEY ARE READING A SCRIPT> SMDH!!!!

  • Lee says:

    Yeah she is gorgeous and the people complaining are just people that need to get lives

  • nukka says:

    Jesus. People really search high and low to find something to offend them. Why exactly should anybody kiss Grant Hill’s feet just because he’s a professional basketball player? Besides, the “Oh, good for you.” quip is not meant to be condescending – it’s her moment of self-realization that “ok, maybe I jumped the gun on touting my JV accomplishments.”

  • Grant Hill says:

    Holy crap guys, it’s a freakin commercial. The girl is damn cute. The commercial is more about the girl with a sprinkle of Grant Hill. You don’t think Grant was okay doing this commercial? The guy is retired, he’ll take anything at this point.

    And plus, this is the 1st commercial where the girl got her “commercial” name out there. “Lily Adams”.

    This was more about AT&T appealing the guy viewers with the name, guys go search for that name, they find the commercial and wabam. They just got your views AND your attention.

    Calm down you people. Did you guys think she was snooty or snobby when that african american family was on the commercials and she went along with them by saying “Yup!” Or did you guys think that was condescending as well.

    GROW UP!

  • Rod Hansen says:

    Wow! Lily can really push some people’s buttons! It does sound like the haters arrived with their own agendas. I enjoy every one in this series of ads. Make me laugh every time. I actually look forward to seeing them.

    • Blackberry says:

      She is NOT being non-chalant. She (in her mind) is REALLY thinking she was “playing ball” She tells you HOW good she was….. which IS the joke. WHO in their RIGHT MIND would brag about being on the Junior Varsity Team. It like coming in 5th of 6th places in a race. Yea you were in the race but you NOT REALLY that good. But she PROUD of her JV status d/t some people not even being ON the team… This commercial is HILARIOUS, and then Grant very calmly deflates her entire world by saying he played IN college and PRO… all anyone could say to save face is “Umm, good for you” tryin to stomp on my dreams…. I LOVE THIS COMMERCIAL, hell, Grant and Tamia’s kids (playing with the phones) are almost bigger than Lily…..

  • Nola R. Elkins says:

    I didn’t get HER nor her nonchalance when Grant Hill identified himself and his accomplishments!! None
    of this was funny and it smacked of SNOOTINESS and STUPIDITY. Did your writers forget that you are
    trying to SELL A PRODUCT?? Maybe YOU should look to who it was that signed off on this Commercial.
    You want us to NOT “over think” this commercial but then we’d be as dumb as the AT&T rep you are
    writing in this series of on-air ads!!!!!

  • Colbey says:

    The girl is uber gorgeous. If anything, whenever an ATT commercial comes on, I actually stop and pay attention ;)

  • El Warpismo says:

    What the hell is the joke here? That AT&T reps are insipidly self-centered and condescending? Another example of companies using cross-promotion instead of actually writing good advertisments. This one was the least bad of this series simply because it was just a March Madness commercial and not really trying to say nothing.

  • Jeff says:

    I hope Grant Hill got a large enough paycheck to be insulted like this

  • John says:

    I blame the director more than the on-screen talent. This whole series of ads is clumsily cut, with obvious re-takes that don’t match each other so that the editor doesn’t have enough to work with. This one simply is worse than the others because of a completely wrong-headed take on the lead character; the director isn’t strong enough to bounce the dialog back to the writers. I know I’m overthinking this, but the series annoys me, and I’ve had to sit through it often enough to consider the reasons why.

  • Sunny says:

    This commercial is ineffective. I am a girl about her age and if I responded, “Oh, good for you” to a customer (especially if minimizing great achievements) upon their departure I would probably think: What was I thinking? Hope my boss didn’t hear that….
    It is not good salesmanship and I don’t know why they chose to have a blase 20-something acting at least unimpressed and at most rude to someone admired by the intended audience. I know it’s supposed to be light-hearted and funny (?), but it does nothing to promote AT&T or the professionalism of their staff.

  • Really horrible says:

    Please get this girl off of your commercials. So annoying, and she just stinks of stuck up snob. I wouldn’t use at and t just because of her on these commercials.