Beats by Dre Nicki Minaj Texting Other Girls Commercial

Beats by Dre Nicki Minaj Texting Other Girls Commercial
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December 14, 2013


Nicki Minaj and DeRay Davis are hanging out in Nicki’s dressing room. Nicki needs to leave for a minute “If you wanna play your own music just tap her.” Nicki points to her Pink Beats Pill. DeRay says ok and taps his phone suggestively. Nicki leave and DeRay says “Right after I text back Cadisha.” The Beat Pill Turns into a Pill Character and says “Are you for real? Texting other girls right now?” DeRay replies “Cadisha my friend!” The Pink Pill is not convinced “A man cannot just be friends with a girl named Cadisha. Nicki!” DeRay is getting desperate “Keep it down, keep it down.” The Pink Pill replies “Keep it down? I’m a speaker dummy! Nicki!” DeRay grabs the Pink Pill, trying to shut it up when Nicki walks back in “What did you do to her?” DeRay replies “Just changing the songs…” but the Pink Pill tells on him “He was texting other girls.” Nicki is not pleased “Get out!” and the Pink Pill says “Bye bye boo boo.”

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  • Dozer says:

    Just another pop slut. Sickens me that children listen to this garbage. As for the product, it looks like a giant suppository. Also I’ll never buy anything designed to hook into the revolting abortion that became Windows 8. Rational people keep their fingers off of their monitors.