Bedsider Awkward Boyfriend Commercial

Bedsider Awkward Boyfriend Commercial
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December 28, 2013


A boyfriend and girlfriend are eating dinner at home. Their dog comes over and starts humping the girls leg. The boyfriend tries to stop the dog “Marty! Stop it! Oh my goodness I’m so sorry. That reminds me, I’ve been thinking, maybe we should try a new form of birth control.” The dog continues to hump the girls leg as the boyfriend speaks. “I heard about this one, it’s called the IUD. Intrauterine Device. Or we could try the patch on your arm. Actually I think that one goes in your butt. What do you think though? Arm or the butt?” Not awkward like your boyfriend.

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24 User Reviews

  • king19 says:

    I think its funny

  • yvonne says:

    I think this is in very poor taste. Where are our morals? This is very inappropriate for all audiences, especially our children. Please, Please, do remove this from the TV!

    Yvonne S.

  • Gail Snead says:

    Please Please take this humping dog commercial off the air. Whoever is responsible for this has no class, it doesn’t matter what color you are. Poor Taste!

  • Renee Cassett says:

    Whoever decided to write this commercial is sick and BET should be ashame to aire it. Where is the respect? We are losing our values and morals for money. This should be taken off the aire. Shame,shame,shame.

  • Colette Sterling says:

    You have got to be insane for this commercial….

  • Elna Williams says:

    This is the most disgusting commercial “EVER”. Every time it airs I turn off. Someone in your marketing department is SICK, to think that is even interesting, or except able. YOU SHOULD DO THE RIGHT THING AND REMOVE IMMEDIATELY.

  • Peggy Cline says:

    This is the most disgusting commercial ever published in my life time and I am 78 yrs.old
    First of all if I were an African American I would be marching on whatever orginazation published this commercial!
    It really shows an ignorance that I know is not in that culture in all areas !
    It must be domes culture to even think it up.

    It is offensive to any red blooded American regardless of color,race or ethnicity, country , or what ever …human

  • Cynthia Harper says:

    I wish to speak out regarding the commercial with the dog humping the girls leg. I understand the serious point being made regarding humans showing responsibility when it comes to sex. Many do act as if they are animals in heat, taking no responsibility for the consequences of their actions. However the commercial is degrading and offensive. I hope that couple were not paid to degrade themselves. Some things are just not worth the money. An animal will be an animal. I’m not blaming the dog. But the humans behind this commercial, surely you could have found a better way to relay your message. Thank you.

  • Barbara Haney says:

    I find the commercials on Bedsider.Org very disgusting. I have been watching the Braves Baseball games and this commercial appears. Who ever produced this commercial, should either have the commercial taken off, or clean it up. I would like to have it removed from TV.

  • Connie Browning says:

    I think your commercials are discussing and should be removed from tv. I can’t believe that you would air them for young children to see.

  • Rebecca Mishoe says:

    Your commercial with the dog humping the girl is disgusting. It makes me want to throw up. It is not funny. The one with the Grandmother is also not funny but makes a mockery of a grandmother. Never would hear such a conversation like that. These commercials should be taken off television. Please take these disgusting commercials off the air. Do you have to get that low to try and sell a product? If so then your product is not worth buying. Rebecca

  • Adrea Adams says:

    This series of ads (3)is abhorrently disgusting; especially the one with the dog ‘humping’ the young lady’s leg and seemingly relieving itself on the female’s leg at the dinner table. It appears the ad equates the male with a canine. I find it deplorable and in extremely poor taste and judgment. These ads should be pulled immediately! Thankfully, these ads are not shown on the ‘major’ networks because they depict African Americans as savage, unthinking, and uninformed.

  • Michael Tarn says:

    Typical reactions from the rabid (thin on insight, high on incite) mob comments below.

    Ever think the humping dog might have suggested the possibility of approaching sex more responsibly than merely as mindless animals or machines?

    And though the birth-control should also be directed at men, women’s options continue to be more varied and effective, particularly given they will often face a more immediate problem from an unwanted pregnancy and should thus pay greater attention to its prevention.

    And why shouldn’t BET have run the(now apparently defunct) ad?

    With nearly 1.5 million more people accruing to the Earth’s population each week, should birth-control be restricted only to those of European extraction?

  • Patricia Brown says:

    This commercial is disgusting and degrading to all women.this is not the way to teach teenagers or adults about birth control, beside their are kids that are always watching tv.
    This needs to be taken OFF TV. Money about birth control should be spent more wisely, after all their are more important commercials that could have been made,Education,homeless people,healthcare.

  • Lisa Yates says:

    This is awful…… Keep this crap off TV

  • ew says:

    I Think this commercial is awful! How can anyone think this is entertaining or amusing? No consideration was giving for the children that are watching this filth!! The grandmom was bad enough but the dog humping on the girl’s leg is over the top. Who ever thought of and produced this filth need to rethink what is appropriate for public and what nasty borderline porn they should view at home.

  • Pam says:

    This commercial is disgusting what about the fact that children may see it. Plus what man would allow his dog to hump his woman’s anything. This commercial should be taken off the air.

  • george layfield says:

    This commercial is despicable. What grown woman would let a dog hump her leg unless she’s insane. Furthermore what woman would embarrass herself making such a commercial. I certainly wouldn’t consider this appropriate for children.

  • Barbara Jackson says:

    This commercial is unacceptable. It’s the most derogatory piece I’ve seen. It literally degrade females as a whole! For a dog to hunch on her leg speaks of what you feel about females, and black females at that. This need to be pulled from television and any other form of advertisement.

  • Marvin T says:

    Deplorable and offensive. The boyfriend obviously has no care or concern for his girlfriend, so much so that he would allow his dog to hump her as he continues on with his bull. She is obviously horrified and disgusted yet he pays it no mind. Not to mention he obviously does not want to use protection. He would rather something that could potentially harm her. What this commercial says to me is: Not only does this black man have no care nor concern for his woman’s emotional health or well being, he would rather leave her to the dogs. I hate this commercial with a passion, as it subconsciously perpetuates disunion in black heterosexual relationships. Garbage! Also, BET and Centric two supposedly black channels should be ashamed for allowing it to air on their respective networks.

  • Jason Thomas says:

    Just disgusting!!! This aired on ABC Family while me, my girlfriend and our two young sons (4 and 12) were watching a kids movie. absolutely deplorable!!!

  • Sayjuan says:

    I hate the one commercial with dog and the boyfriend. He’s saying they need to discuss a new form of birth control but really he just wants to stop using the condom. She is the only one who is making changes, changes that can be detrimental to her health. The I.U.D can rupture her uterus and make her sterile, the patch has severe side-effects as well. For him to make the “joke” that it goes up her butt is insensitive, why? Why would any man make a joke like that when this is supposed to be a serious discussion. Im still trying to understand when is the decision made to no longer use condoms. This campaign is a miss, she is the only one making changes but he is the one telling her what he wants her to do. Please change this commercial and if they did live together they would not be discussing birth-control like this.

  • charles dougherty says:

    Funny as hell Made me laugh Thank you for having the balls to air that commercial I will not forget it

  • Charles R Jackson says:

    This is the most disposable commercial ever played on TV
    All the money in the world wouldn’t make me do that commercial!!!