Bedsider Awkward Boyfriend Commercial

Bedsider Awkward Boyfriend Commercial
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A boyfriend and girlfriend are eating dinner at home. Their dog comes over and starts humping the girls leg. The boyfriend tries to stop the dog “Marty! Stop it! Oh my goodness I’m so sorry. That reminds me, I’ve been thinking, maybe we should try a new form of birth control.” The dog continues to hump the girls leg as the boyfriend speaks. “I heard about this one, it’s called the IUD. Intrauterine Device. Or we could try the patch on your arm. Actually I think that one goes in your butt. What do you think though? Arm or the butt?” Not awkward like your boyfriend.


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  1. Sayjuan March 1, 2014 3:25 pm  Reply

    I hate the one commercial with dog and the boyfriend. He’s saying they need to discuss a new form of birth control but really he just wants to stop using the condom. She is the only one who is making changes, changes that can be detrimental to her health. The I.U.D can rupture her uterus and make her sterile, the patch has severe side-effects as well. For him to make the “joke” that it goes up her butt is insensitive, why? Why would any man make a joke like that when this is supposed to be a serious discussion. Im still trying to understand when is the decision made to no longer use condoms. This campaign is a miss, she is the only one making changes but he is the one telling her what he wants her to do. Please change this commercial and if they did live together they would not be discussing birth-control like this.

  2. charles dougherty February 25, 2014 1:40 am  Reply

    Funny as hell Made me laugh Thank you for having the balls to air that commercial I will not forget it

  3. Charles R Jackson February 8, 2014 10:06 pm  Reply

    This is the most disposable commercial ever played on TV
    All the money in the world wouldn’t make me do that commercial!!!

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