Bedsider Grandma in the car Commercial

Bedsider Grandma in the car Commercial
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Posted By: MarketMeNot | December 28, 2013
Bedsider Grandma in the Car Commercial

A grandmother and her granddaughter get in the car. The granddaughter helps her grandma buckle up. The grandmother takes this inescapable opportunity to talk to her granddaughter about sex. “Thank you dear. You’re very supple. Just like I was at your age. Back then I was a sex expert. Used to call me the buttered biscuit. I know about birth control, too. So, you can ask me anything baby. Have you had sex in this car yet?” Not awkward like your grandma.

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3 User Reviews

  • Beverly Griffith says:

    I am a 71 year old grandmother, and I found this commercial necessary and human. I promise you I will not have this type of conversation with my granddaughter, but some grandmothers are this way. She was letting her granddaughter know I am here for you, I was young once, been there done that, the bottom line you can come to me if you are ever in a predicament or dilemma.

  • Jo Jefferson says:

    These bedside commercials are too explicit for day time tv. I can’t believe they are on regular channels. Children should not be exposed to these commercial. Grandma (butter biscuit) the dog on the woman’s leg are disgusting. There has to be a better way to get birth control message across.

  • Deb says:

    Simply love this commercial. It’s cute and to the point.