belVita Susan’s Morning Win Commercial

belVita Susan’s Morning Win Commercial
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January 20, 2014


Susan, played by Katie Malia, sings a song about her numerous morning wins. Basically, she got dressed and fed the dog, got pulled over but started crying and the cop didn’t give her a ticket. Then, she went to the gym, and went to work where she made fun of her client. Then she takes credit for writing this song, but is corrected by the actual creator.

Lyrics: “I got dressed, fed the dog, wrote about it in my blog, didn’t get a ticket on my commute. Hit the gym, scored a towel, found a pen, saw an owl, did impressions of the client with the client on mute. Paper shredded, needle threaded, poodle petted, fish fedded, and I even wrote this song. No you didn’t. Morning Win!”

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70 User Reviews

  • Ed Mayle says:

    Ultra Cheesy birch go yell rape and get some poor innocent guy arrested you liberal CUNT

  • KYRockwell says:

    I agree that some of “Susan’s” actions may be morally .. er, ahem .. questionable, but in the end, the commercial remains one of my personal favourites .. and she is cute, as well! I’ve tried Belvita as a result and, while I don’t care much for the product, I do love the commercial ..

  • Raymond Provost says:

    Inventive, funny and charming. A small masterpiece of commercial.

  • evelyn says:

    This is among the most irritating commercials on air. It’s commercials like this that make me intentionally boycott certain products just to send a message back to the company.

    Please pull this commercial off air. I have to mute the tv every time it comes on.

  • Julie says:

    Most annoying commercial on TV by far. Changing the channel is my “morning win”!!!

  • Karen says:

    Shame it has to have the goldfish in a cruel inappropriate bowl.

  • The Channel27 says:

    Nauseating hipster tosh.

  • Elsa Paterson says:

    I have very little interest in commercials, but I LOVE this one! It makes me happy. :-)

  • femme connoisseur says:

    The acting skills are great! But by far the best part is the straight skirt

  • Kelly Vautour says:

    Absolutely love this commercial! I would rate this commercial my most fav of all times.Look forward to seeing another commercial with Susan!!!

  • Terry Vanderpuke says:

    Stupid people really buy that crap ?

  • al lee says:

    Where did they get that singer, she cannot even carry a tune. Every time I hear it, I will change the channel if the remote control is close by

    • anonymous cowherd says:

      there is quite a bit of music in that kind of sing songy story-telling urban-folkish indie style, so in that genre she does it really, spot on perfect in my opinion. its supposed to sound like that.

      technically, the commercial is brilliant. its efficient, its got a lot going on in a short period of time, its cut perfectly, the actress is perfect in her facial expressions and mannerisms in communicating the designs of the ad directors, the editing is great, its just that a significant portion of people do not like the lyrics or the attitude they represent.

      maybe they can do a rap version. ‘popped a cap, robbed a gap, had three strippers in my lap, drank some dom, called my mom, and then i took a nap’

      yes in a sense, this is the office girl version of Ice Cube’s “it was a good day”. she is playing a character, a down and dirty character who does whatever it takes to get a head in this murah biz they call the cubicle environment.

  • lilblueguy says:

    the commercial is hella cool i love it lyrics and all the chick is hot ill f*** her in the ass and play step daddy to her 2 kids

  • Cay says:

    So why do I hear “morning-wood” at the end? Anyone else hear that? I found out that it’s “morning-win”, but please-I’ve never heard the term “morning-win” before, so my mind goes to “morning-wood”. Just because I’m familiar with that term. Haha. I agree with the haters- just because I hate getting this stupid song (from a girl that shouldn’t be singing-ever) in my head. Yeah-good marketing ploy-you’d think-but not this time: my mom buys that crap Belvita. Well I told her no more buying it! Because I have to do the shopping-so I refuse to get it for her! She said it tastes like wet cardboard anyways! Belvita: your stuff sucks!!

  • Michael D. Hockenberry says:

    Mother Teresa is not Marilyn Monroe.

    Every person has a choice to do and be what they want to.

    This commercial is not only effective, it is a huge success; not only the lyrics and melody lines, but the (mental of facts) of today’s society.

    The commercial is not offensive, children can even watch this one.
    They may find there creative side actually watching a performance that is productive.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with this commercial, I would give it a 9.5 out of 10.

    • Will Sharkey says:

      I completely agree. Effective commercial and it sticks in your brain, regardless of the actress’s singing ability.

  • Paula says:

    I like this commercial too. Why is it, when people get online, they all of a sudden become saints. It funny because it silly. That’s it, plain and simple. The things she sang about in the commercial weren’t that bad. I don’t usually pay attention to the TV much in the house, but it stays on in the background. When this commercial comes on, I stop working and laugh. Sometimes I like to just laugh for a few minutes and take a short break.

  • a_grey says:

    i love this commercial… it’s a litmus test for repressed a*******.

    … and she’s cute.

  • elwarpismo says:

    This commercial is hella funny and that chick be crazy hot.

  • Nathan says:

    Anyone who likes this commercial is an idiot, and to the people who say “It makes me laugh every time”: Wow, you need to get a life. And to MZMZMZMZMZ: You’re a complete loser with a capital L. And moron, it IS Nth, not 9th. Finally, the annoying plain Jane girl in this commercial is about as hot as my butt. Makes me wonder what kind of creatures you all have as girlfriends if this is what you consider good looking.

  • Tom says:

    Why is everyone screaming about her being a sociopath or just being a terrible person? I didn’t realize that the ideal commercial only depicts humans as perfect beings who always put others above themselves in every way. Because we can’t show the truth! That’s exactly why I love this commercial. It celebrates the small victories in the stress and monotany of everyday life. How many people have tried to get out of a ticket? And why not? Who wants to pay for a ticket, court costs, driving school (if you’re lucky), and a hike in your insurance? As for the mocking of clients at work, how often have we dealt with hateful and ungrateful people at our jobs and used humor to to lighten the mood and share a moment of levity with our co-workers at the expense of the people who milk our tears and sweat for every cent their worth? As for the towel, who hasn’t taken a free towel from a gym or a hotel before? Lastly, as far as her taking credit for the song, it was obviously an attempt to be cute rather than a true attempt at duplicity. It’s about being a real human, good and bad, not a Hallmark after-school special.

    • anonymous cowherd says:

      look up the characteristics of a sociopath, you can find them here.

      lack of empathy, lack of concern for one’s actions on other people, absence of any sense of right vs wrong, avoiding responsibilty for actions, etc etc etc.

  • Gregg DesElms says:

    Wherever, on the Internet, that I happen to encounter comments about this commercial that are positive, I’ve been posting this:

    I have no idea what kind of person is the actress, Katie Malia, who plays “Susan” in this commercial. For all I know, she’s a saint. But, if so, then she’s one hell of an actress because, make no mistake about it, the character “Susan” in this commercial is a godawful human being.

    Absolutely godawful.

    The pity is that so many people in our society watch that commercial and pay more attention to whether or not they, or others, think it’s cute — or that the actress is cute — and completely miss that the character is completely bereft of integrity…

    …and don’t give it a second thought: they either aren’t bothered by it or, worse, think it’s okay… normal.

    I, for one, cannot watch that commercial without shaking my head in disbelief at the sheer and unmitigated awfulness of the character “Susan.” But I shake my head in disbelief, even more, at the Susan Worship going on in places like this.

    Where, alas, has decency gone.

    • ThatGuy says:

      Dude you’re stupid. STOP OVERANALYZING A THIRTY SECOND COMMERCIAL MORON! Awesome commercial btw.

    • Sara says:

      What’s so bad about the girl?

    • anonymous cowherd says:

      i agree, the actress does a near perfect job of getting across what the ad-designers were asking for… the problem is the thing they were asking for doesnt work. unless its trying the ‘annoy people’ school of marketing.

  • Annie says:

    It’s funny because she does all the things normal people might do on any given day, fed her dog, cried herself out of a traffic ticket, found an abandoned towel at the gym, made fun of a customer, etc. the jingle is catchy and fun and she has a face full of character vs just another pretty face. My only complaint is that it’s played 17 times per newscast on HLN.

  • johnny says:


  • somuchmorethansimple says:

    This is one of the best commercials ever. Sad to say had no idea what it was for until I looked it up. Will always remember the song though.

  • post40 says:

    Can I make this my ringtone!

  • Asiago says:

    Lesson? Never cross an aging jingle writer or you’ll end up:
    “Death threated, calls dreaded, bed wetted, girl deaded.”

  • IslandDweller says:

    I like this commercial! I think the actress does a really good job. My favorite part is when she’s sobbing to get out of the ticket. IMO she’s cute while just stopping short of being cutesy.

    It didn’t occur to me she was stealing the gym towel until another poster claimed she was. I think we’re meant to assume it’s her bag and it’s so stuffed she could tell if she’d packed one or not.

  • evel says:

    i hate the commercial I mute it every time I see it ,it make me not want to buy the product, they should think of something else besides a women that can’t sing sound like a screeching cat

  • Tiana says:

    IT IS A COMMERCIAL!!!!! People just really have to have something to complain about as if the things she does in this small advertisement make her a demon. Because obviously, you walk on water and rose from the grave, right? You’re PERFECT, RIGHT???? Go get your life, ridiculous!!!

    • mzmzmzmzmz says:

      THANK YOU!!!

    • anonymous cowherd says:

      its not about being perfect, its the idea that she is light heartedly celebrating doing things that represent failure.

      we can see the commercial in 5 years if she continues to not give a f*** about anything. ‘smoked some crack, showed my rack, stuck a knife in someones back, found a rat dead in my attic, and cooked it for a snack’

      • anonymous cowherd says:

        not that there’s anything wrong with eating dead rats or sex work necessarily, its just in context i.e. crack smoking in association with those other two things probably indicates its not the most positive version of those two activities.

  • Ryoko says:

    yeah I mean it’s a cute song and all, but what bugs me about it is that the commercial seems to promote being a horrible person as being a good thing
    I’d love to see a follow up commercial where she gets her comeuppance for pretty much being casually hateful to her fellow humans

  • Tom says:

    Great jingle.. If you take it at face value, it’s very funny… I’ve met a lot of people from the Seattle area that she reminds me of.. To all of you tyng to analyze this… Get stuffed… It’s funny..

  • Charles Parlamento says:

    I love this commercial, especially with the one eye looking at the cop! she’s adorable! Best one since the honey nut cherios woman! the blonde hottie!

  • Liz says:

    Love LOVE LOVEEE this commercial! Lol. Makes me laugh every time.

  • Mart says:

    I’ve been wanting to try Belvita (although I keep hearing the commercials as “Velveeta”) but won’t as long as this idiot is on TV. What made them think she was funny or appealing?

  • Mel Brooks. says:

    This commercial has made sure I will never buy this product nor anything from Christie.

    Its atrocious!

    The song irritates me to the Nth degree. Im not sure who in the advertising world decided that having people who cannot sing, sing their jingles would be a good idea, but they need to be drawn and quartered.

    I want to stab my ears every time I hear this.

    • TRLynskey says:

      I cannot agree more !!! Nothing else to add. The product doesn’t look to appetizing so the commercial probably didn’t hurt too much, as no one was going to buy it anyway.

      • mzmzmzmzmz says:

        Okay First, it’s not Nth its 9th. Second it’s a freaking commercial. Why did you come on here if you didn’t like the commercial.

  • Bryan Wuzinski says:

    Best commercial I’ve seen for a while

  • AWC says:

    Notable, remarkable. My daughter (15) thought the actress was Zooey Deschanel. I think well done.

    • Prowse! says:

      And it’s not. The actress is comedian, dancer (remember MadTV? Yep, one of THOSE “dancers” – not the B-Boy/girls at the end, the ‘song’ dancers), actress – producer “Almost Asian”, current (2014) sitcon.

      Katie Malia – she’s only HALF Japanese!

  • The song is catchy, but if you listen to the lyrics that woman is a sociopath. She lies & manipulates, then she steals (someone else’s towel), then she mocks people, then she lies again. All in one day. Pace yourself lady.

    • nick koff says:

      lol……wow i didnt see that……..good for you for noticing. there has been a few morning win parodies online that everyone should look out for. theyre funnier that the original. hopefully someone can mock the whole sociopath thing you’ve mentioned

  • Crolstopher says:

    I actually like this commercial, and I don’t like many. It’s catchy.

  • billydoo says:

    I mute this add everytime. Her voice annoys me so much i came online to rant about it

  • N.O. Saint says:

    This commercial is funny especially the part when she sung about mocking a client and all her colleagues started laughing. Lol
    one other funny but cute commercial would be the one with the Kia Optima backing into a garage while almost hitting a stuffed rabbit with a scared look on it’s face.
    the thriller type of music made it even funnier.

    • anonymous cowherd says:

      there are a lot of unemployed people who would love to have that persons job, and would somehow manage to not insult the customer in front of the entire staff. thats where the disconnect comes in.

  • Petee says:

    The fact that this annoys someone only guarantees that it is effective advertising. Quite creative… don’t care much for the processed junk they’re trying to feed the masses, but none the less, very creative.



  • Stu Blemings says:


  • Rick says:

    Who’s the guy on the soundboard?
    I know his face.
    ” No you didn’t ” Haha

  • funky bunch says:

    Honestly, Probably my favorite commercial right now