Best Buy Make My Party Pop Off Commercial

Best Buy Make My Party Pop Off Commercial
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A preppy white kid is walking through a Best Buy store, when a Beats Pill Character call him over “Down here! How can I help you big man?” The preppy white kid replies “I’m looking for something to make my party pop off?” Said as if he has no idea what that means, but heard it from someone much cooler than him. The Beats Pill Character replies “Check out the Beats Pill. I’m portable but don’t let my small size fool you, I’m loud. And when I say Bluetooth I’m not talking about my beautiful hue baby.” The kid still isn’t convinced “But will it make my party pop off?” The Pill Character replies “This is some mythical unicorn stuff man” The Beats Pill turns itself on and lets the preppy kid hear how it sounds. The white kid starts dancing in a foolish manner.


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  1. tacosanchez December 30, 2013 2:48 am  Reply

    This stuff is baseless, inappropriate and mindless. Dre is a horrible example of an icon converted through a product, which would be of no surprise coming from a man who used to sell drugs on corners in LA. Seriously, the fact that its a fucking pill should be enough of a concern. Are we not realizing the symbolism here? Its supposed to be ecstasy, y’know cause it’s all the youth now give a shit about along with catchy dubstep drops and scantily clad whores. Seriously, it’s absolutely fucking sad when one thinks about the extreme minimal amount of time and effort that likely went into this commercial in the first place. Get some very underpaid interns in the graphics department to design some mock up CGI character all cutesy so as to be friendly to the universal audience, then get some black voice overs and you have something “hip” to sell. This shit garbage of a product is the equivilancy of anything Bose related, you know why? Because Bose products essentially have a certain sonic EQ bias for their speakers and thus everything sounds “amazing”. I just cant understand in this society how much more dumbed down music and products and culture in general has become.

  2. Cozimfree December 29, 2013 3:17 pm  Reply

    Foolish manner? That is a real dance and he is working it

  3. Homer December 21, 2013 7:57 am  Reply

    Is Best Buy trying to create a new dumb phrase, hoping it will catch on?… “Party pop off?” It sounds so incredibly stupid. Who talks like that.

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