Carlton Draught Beer Car Chase Commercial

Carlton Draught Beer Car Chase Commercial
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April 29, 2013


A few guys rush into a bar and order 4 Carlton Draughts, dropping the duffle bag they brought in on the floor. The bag opens revealing the massive amount of money stored within. The bartender sneaks a peek at the contents of bag as he pours the four men their beer. He hands the men their now full glasses, they raise them for a toast, and the bartender gently clears his throat as if to direct attention to the other side of the bar. They all turn their heads to find the entire bar if full or police officers. We are led to assume the four men have committed quite the heist as they quickly dash out of the bar, Carlton Draught beers in hand. They look at the car, decide it’s not the best idea to drive, and run off with the cops right on their tails. The rest of the commercial is watching these men, and the cops, running after each other, pretending that they are actually driving vehicles in an epic car chase. The chase ends when the four men try to jump a raising bridge, and land on a passing boat to freedom. Amazed they got away, they stride up to the bar on deck, and finish the beers they started.

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