Cheerios Breakfast With Nana Commercial

Cheerios Breakfast With Nana Commercial
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July 17, 2013


A mother and son are sitting in the kitchen eating breakfast, a bowl of Cheerios. The son asks “Mom? Did Nana ever give you Cheerios when you were a little kid?” The mom shakes her head yes “Yea she did.” The son continues “Were Cheerios the same back then?” The mother answers “Cheerios has pretty much been the same forever.” The kid takes a moment to think then asks the heavy question “So, when we have Cheerios, it’s kind of like were having breakfast with Nana?” The mother seems emotionally struck by the question, in a good way and simply responds “Yea” with a big smile on her face, almost in tears over the thought of her late Nana.

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  • Bradlee TheDawg says:

    PS – This “heart-tug” type of commercial is effective, meaning it probably does actually contribute to selling more Cheerios – those horrid salty flavorless rings of soggy oat flour. But it’s also manipulative. I don’t want to feel emotional about a damned box of breakfast cereal. They are using a sledgehammer to pound in a thumbtack IMO.

  • Bradlee TheDawg says:

    What “late” Nana? There’s no evidence that “Nana” is deceased. She might just be on the other side of the country. Maybe she lives next door, but Mom and Nana had a major blowout so now they don’t talk. This woman is an older mom (40+) (she’s wrinkly – no spring chicken) so “Nana” might be in the 60-70 yr old range – maybe 80 if she also waited until 40 to have a kid. But then again “Mom” might only be 35 and “Nana” might be 50, still working, and in fact the two of them (Mom, and Brat) actually live with Nana, who is not there because she works at Target . We have no way of knowing.