Cheerios Buzz Meets Nelly Commercial

Cheerios Buzz Meets Nelly Commercial
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December 27, 2013


Nelly is in his kitchen looking for something to eat, when the Cheerios Bee, Buzz, flies up to him “Good morning, Nelly. Hey, have you ever tried Honey Nut Cheerios?” Nelly replies “Love ’em. Now you on the other hand, you need some help.” Buzz asks “Why?” Nelly replies “Look at cha! What is that?” Buzz asks “You mean my honey wand?” Nelly takes it from the bee and throws it away. Then Nelly gets an idea “No, matter of fact” and gives Buzz the Bee a full makeover. Buzz is now wearing shades, a black t-shirt, and a pair of yellow and black sneakers. But, Nelly’s not done yet “Now, that voice.” Buzz replies “My voice? What’s wrong with my voice?” An auto tuner appears out of nowhere and Nelly auto tunes Buzz’s voice. Nelly is impressed “Yea man, bee got swag!” Buzz then says his famous motto “Bee Happy, Bee Healthy.” Nelly is disgusted “That’s gotta go too.” Buzz’s tagline is now “Must be the honey.”

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  • mike says:

    And now it appears the Bee has kept this new image. So now we have a GHETTO THUG Hip-Hop Rap, trash talking bee! What a good influence on both white cracker kids and young impressionable black kids who do not want to follow in “baby daddy’s” footsteps!
    My GAWDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Kill me. Kill me now!

  • mike says:

    This is so disturbing!
    “Bee Happy, Bee Healthy.” Nelly is disgusted “That’s gotta go too.”
    So this Nelly ( who TF is Nelly anyway?) CONDEMNS being “healthy & happy?”
    Why? Because it sound “corny”? Yes, it is not “Gangsta’ or Thug”!
    So here we have a white bread happy health commercial being DEGRADED to a non-caring, THUG appealing piece of CRAP out of an innocent commercial.
    I’m glad I’m old (52), the world is going to s***, fast!

  • Lion of Omega says:

    When Nelly responds to the “bee healthy, bee happy” motto by saying “that’s gotta go too”, he means it literally. The celebrity has made a pact with the “Illuminati” who is governed by Satan. And of course they are not in favor of healthiness or happiness for our children, so their “undercover” way of doing it is to pretend that it’s about the “corniness” of the motto when it’s literally about the concepts themselves.

  • Coty says:

    Hate! This Homophobic Commercial! Why does the Bee has to change his look, voice and stop carrying his HoneyWand? Because this Image if Thuglife is what Nelly suppose to Represent, then he needs to Represent it! Stop! Trying to turn Everybody and Everything Thuggish! Leave the Bee alone!

  • Klondike K2000 says:

    Sucks. What does Honey Nut Cheerios have to do with this guy? Who decided this cereal should be marketed to urbanites and idiot white kids?