Chevy Silverado Mayan 2012 Apocalypse Commercial

Chevy Silverado Mayan 2012 Apocalypse Commercial
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June 10, 2013


After the devastation of the Mayan 2012 Apocalypse, a man in his Chevy Silverado drives his truck out from underneath a pile of rubble and the song “Looks Like We Made It” by Barry Manilow plays. He drives around the city exploring the disaster area. It appears that a series of events had taken place, as if every end of the world theory had happened at once. For instance in one scene it looks like an earthquake had rocked the city, in another we see an alien ship had crashed, and in another a volcano had erupted in the distance. After driving around for a little while, he meets up with some other Chevy guys who had miraculously survived the Mayan 2012 Apocalypse in their Chevy Silverado’s as well. He asks where Dave is. One of the men, looking sad, says “Dave didn’t drive the longest lasting, most dependable truck on the road. Dave drove a Ford.” Knowing that Dave is now dead, one of the other men offers him a Twinkie. As he grabs one, frogs start falling from the sky.

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