Chevy The New Connected Commercial

Chevy The New Connected Commercial
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February 6, 2014


A man and woman drive down the street when the woman asks “So how was last night? Got in kinda late.” The man replies “Oh it was ok.” The man then presses a button on the steering wheel “Siri, do I have any new text messages?” Siri replies “You have 5 messages from 5 people. From Frank, last night was epic. Next, from Tim, you ever find your pants? Next, from John, I can’t believe you got a tattoo on your…” The man cuts off the message before it can finish. “Thank you, Siri.”

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9 User Reviews

  • Christine says:

    The very end comment “thank you siri” sounds like the girl off the sitcom – Suburgatory

  • Bevis says:

    Is the woman the girl off of 8 Simple Rules?

    • fleetwoodfreddy says:

      That’s it! Amy Davidson from ‘8 Simple Rules’ That was driving me crazy trying to think of who that is.

  • Dgirl says:


  • John says:

    Look again at the people in the car – they are adult brother and sister, NOT a married couple – far too similar looking and both have a shade of red hair that isn’t exactly common…

    • Wolfie says:

      So since they happen to be white, her with red hair and his is dirty blond, you assume that the married couple are actually brother and sister? Interesting. Oh and I’ve seen people who are married and are both redheads.

    • Gary Jones says:

      I concur… though it’s not conclusive. Seems to well adjusted to be a married couple.

  • Janet says:

    This man clearly had a homosexual dalliance the night before, and his “buddies”–who know more about tattoos on his intimate areas and spend more time with him at night than does his wife, apparently–are giving him an affectionately hard time about it. This would make a great two-parter commercial, wherein he reveals his real self to his wife next. He is still too ashamed to let her know the truth, which is why he cuts off Siri. His wife’s knowing, “Yes, thank you, Siri” hints that she already knows the truth.

  • Steve says:

    The “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf” of connected car commercials.