Dairy Queen Waffle Cone Blizzard Opera Commercial

Dairy Queen Waffle Cone Blizzard Opera Commercial
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March 31, 2014


Liz, actress Lyndsey Doolen, tells us about the new Dairy Queen Waffle Cone Blizzard and how she would tell the world. “Just when I thought the Blizzard couldn’t get any better, DQ put the Blizzard inside a waffle cone! This is mind blowing! So when DQ asked me how I would tell the world, I said…” We cut to Liz singing opera as the ingredients for a Waffle Cone Blizzard fly through the air. She wears a viking helmet with waffle cones for horns with there ingredients detailing the rest. We cut back to Liz in regular clothes pretending to be an opera singer. “Aaahhhhhhh. Sounds better in italian.” The narrator takes over. “Pretty impressive Liz. Any Blizzard, like Confetti Cake, now in a fresh baked waffle cone. This is fan food, not fast food.” The opera singing in this commercial was performed by Melissa Mooney.

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  • zammer says:

    I immediately saw the sexual content as an orgasm and ejaculation. I will be complaining on their page. Apparently their target market is hookers and 12 year old boys and disgusting men. It certainly doesn’t appeal to most women or most men who have any taste or class.

  • jilllybean says:

    When I first saw this commercial, I was appalled. If you can’t see the sexual meaning behind this, well…

    Had a professor in college years ago before this stuff was even mainstream, for a couple semesters actually. He made us see that most ads have some sexual connotation, whether it be from seeing the female form in an ice cube, to other obscure things like that. I mean, you really have to look at these things for hours to even find it, guess it depends on your mind and how it works.

    But the Dairy Queen commercial is a direct, and you can’t get more direct, depiction of oral sex ejaculation and a woman swallowing. If you can’t see that, I find it hard to believe (no pun intended), and happy you are so innocent. Directed to no one in particular, here or anywhere, I just can’t believe people don’t see it. And yes, I did write a letter to Dairy Queen, I am no sexual militant or anything like that, just an normal mid aged married woman, but was amusedly shocked when I saw this commercial that marketing could actually come up with this. Can imagine all the good old boys in the think tank coming up (again no pun intended) with this commercial and laughing their butts off at how they could get away with it.

    If it doesn’t bother you or you don’t get it, good for you! If it did, geeze, don’t make me feel like I am some kind of weirdo and the only one who saw this reference! Certainly no prude here, but we have to draw a line somewhere, if this is all they can think up to make a commercial, well, they ought to go back to school. Almost sounds like a 6th grade joke, maybe they should start there. Doncha think 6th graders and up will get this commercial for sure??? Guess we should just laugh it off, but geeze, will never buy anything from Dairy Queen again, who knows what’s in it?

  • Kylee Kinsey says:

    She’s a f****** histrionic c*** with stupid eyes who made the most annoying ad EVER. F*** her and her career.

    • Melissa says:

      You realize that an ad agency came up with the idea and that she’s just an actress, right?
      The fact that she’s getting such intense reactions is a nod to her talent I suppose…But wow, some of these commenters are bizarre with their rage and sexual issues. (this isn’t against the comments stating it’s an overtly sexual commercial, because I can see that – just the comments majorly sexualizing the actress)

  • I wish jilted boyfriends would stop stalking what their ex’s are doing to come online and berate them. Get off the computer, get a life and leave her alone!

  • John Smith says:

    Wow…what a pompous a****** dearmrputin. It’s just marketing…not porn . The negativity is ridiculous…and your remarks make me wonder if you’re a registered sex offender. Geez…get a life (and stay away from elementary schools).

    • dearmrputin says:

      “It’s just marketing…not porn .”

      That’s really precious that you believe there is a distinction. Americans are so degenerate that they cannot recognize that images borrowed directly from pornography are used regularly to sell ice cream, Disney cruises, and lobster. Marketers know that John Smith and his entire family have viewed more porn in their lives than any generation in the history of humanity, that they are twitching addicts who have no impulse control, and that such imagery triggers their appetites like a coked up lab chimp, which is why this whore has no issue in getting an ice cream facial on national television, and why perverts like you let your kids watch Miley Cyrus.

      • Get SomeHelp says:

        Holy crap dearmrputin! Is that the same stuff you tell the street hookers you have locked up in your basement? You seriously need therapy before you kidnap any more victims.

  • dearmrputin says:

    The shot opens with this whore jerking her body around like she’s riding a penis. Within not the span of a second the commercial is immediately grotesque, annoying, and offensive. Everything about her facial expressions, demeanor, and voice exemplifies the horror of American women. Next we get to eye up her face and body, cut to shot of ice cream shooting like semen into a waffle cone. Meanwhile, the out-of-focus whore behind her also starts to jerk her body grotesquely. Cut to the opera orgasm. Another barrage of sexualized infantilized consumerism. Another blow to culture and humanity. Whores like Ms. Doolen should be held accountable for their vocational decisions.

    • Mr. Anonymous says:

      Wow, great critique. I was wondering why I was obsessed with this commercial.

    • Mr. Anonymous says:

      Also, the main actress is wearing the same color clothes and lipstick of a vagina and the actress in the background is with a black guy. Do you think I’m on to something, or am I just reaching. I can’t lie, though, the main actress is hot to death. Her sexiness is off the meters. She has a wedding ring on, so her husband is so damn lucky.

    • El Warpismo says:

      I think you make this site beautiful. Your descriptions make this commercial so much less painful to watch. Thank you for letting me know there are others out there.

  • Siegmund Walsung says:

    The opera parody is of Brunnhilde, a character in Wagnerian operas. That is, the language is GERMAN. So this commercial shows remarkable cultural stupidity. But then, anybody who knows that isn’t going to DQ anyway.

  • Dcf says:

    Amazing opera voice

  • Ron Bargain says:

    Clearly about a woman having a great orgasm.

  • mamoon82 says:

    her name is Lyndsey Doolen

  • Tanner says:

    Who’s that girl?