Diet Mountain Dew Horse Show Tricks Commercial

Diet Mountain Dew Horse Show Tricks Commercial
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January 31, 2014


A man is at a horse show and is getting pumped to participate. He slams some Diet Mtn Dew and starts his run. He does some impossible tricks with the horse as if the horse were a dirt bike. Then he grinds a rail with the horse. He finishes his run with a no hands superman trick and lands it perfectly. But, the judges all give him zeros. “If you’re on a diet of taking it up a notch drink diet dew. The only diet with dew in it.” A rider from outside compliments the man on his run “That was some mighty fine riding.”

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9 User Reviews

  • Dave Seroski says:

    FINALY real writers! Real producers! Real talent!
    I wondered were all the Budwiser commerical writers went! And well, here thay are! Alive and well producing add’s we all want to see!

    We are inspired here at Teddys Twised Products (Products horses love) and would like to sponcer this rider and horse in future events.
    Please contact us!

    Zeros? Perfict!

  • Vicki says:

    Love this commercial! I couldn’t stop giggling.
    And I ride both horses, and sportbikes. And contrary to someone’s statement, no, not anyone can learn to ride a motorcycle. I’ve been over 180mph. You can’t do that on a horse. And dragged my knee through curves at 120+ (also not available on horseback).
    While it does take skill to ride either a horse or bike, they are two separate things(depending on the style of bike riding. And the style and temperament of the horse being ridden) and its like comparing apples to oranges.

  • Nicky4142 says:

    This is a really stupid commercial. In the description of the commercial you say the judges don’t like it but rules are meant to be broken. you try to do that in real life and you die. There is so much more into riding that just doing something dangerous for applause.

  • Lena says:

    Me and my daughter got a big kick from this, watched it over and over laughing!

  • I thought this was a really stupid commercial. Any one can learn to ride a motorcycle. It takes a lot more time and effort to learn to convince another large strong living being to be your partner and cooperate with you.

    • Vincent Paul says:

      The commercial is not very good,and yes, I agree, “stupid.” However, It takes far more training, talent, strength, mental awareness, and, at the risk of sounding crass, “balls” to compete at Freestyle MotoX than it does in any equestrian event. I grew up on a farm and was exposed to hunter classes earlier on in my life, however, from the two sports, every single injury, broken bone, and hospital visit was not from jumping horses, rather, from attempting aerials seen on the X Games. I urge you to go pick up an FMX bike and try to clear a 60 foot gap. Once you recover from your hospital visit and can eat solid foods again, go back out and attempt the “Superman” and see if you fair any better. You have it wrong, actually…Anyone can ride a horse!

  • Elle says:

    Awesomley funny!!!!

  • Betty Beolowski says:

    Oh so clever and funny. I wish it had been aired during the SuperBowl. Love it!!!

  • JeriKay says:

    This was the funniest commercial ever!!!