DIRECTV Troll Gets Milk Commercial

DIRECTV Troll Gets Milk Commercial
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June 15, 2013


DIRECTV continues it’s Fictional Characters Using Mobile Television Campaign with a troll who’s wife needs him to pick up milk late at night. She yells “HEY! The baby needs milk!” Of course he’s right in the middle of watching his favorite show. So, the troll fires up his tablet and, using DIRECTV, is able to watch his show while stumbling, eyes glued to his tablet, through the wilderness and human towns in order to fill his wife’s request. In fact the troll is so glued to his tablet that he walks through a city building. We wonder, where is the troll going to get this milk? We finally see him walk over to a field of cows, bend over and pick up a cow, then turn around to go the way he came, to drop off the milk he has now obtained. All of this, happening while the song “A World Of My Own” from Alice in Wonderland is played.

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