DIRECTV Worlds Most Powerful Fan Flying Commercial

DIRECTV Worlds Most Powerful Fan Flying Commercial
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The world’s more powerful fan is flying next to his friend who is jogging down the street. The world’s most powerful is fan is watching the game on his phone “Exciting game, gotta tell ya.” The friend, confused, asks “How are you watching that?” The world’s most powerful fan explains “It’s DIRECTV NFL Sunday Ticket. It’s awesome, I get every game, every Sunday afternoon, live on any device.” He smiles at his friend and a beam of incredibly bright light blares in his friends face. The friend is still curious “You’re kidding.” The powerful fan replies “No, I’m not kidding. I can watch any game wherever I go.” A van drives into the road and flying powerful fan puts out his fist and pushes it to the side of the road. Unfazed by the his near death experience, the friend exclaims “Man, I can’t do that with cable.” Empathetic, the world’s most powerful fan says “That’s too bad. You know what, you should check this out, get on.” signaling for his friend to jump onto his back so he can watch the game as well. The friend struggles to get on, grabbing his leg. “C’mon, quit fooling around now.”

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