DIRECTV Worlds Most Powerful Fan Lightning Bolt Commercial

DIRECTV Worlds Most Powerful Fan Lightning Bolt Commercial
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August 27, 2013


It’s Friday and the world’s most powerful fan is getting ready to leave work. A co-worker, played by Parvesh Cheena from the show Outsourced, comes up to him and asks “Hey, the guys are going to come over and watch the game on Sunday, you in?” The powerful fan responds “You only got cable right?” Somewhat worried about the world’s most powerful fan’s response, the co-worker shakes his head as he whispers “Yea.” Declining the offer, the powerful fan says “I’m gunna be at my place watching all the games. I got DIRECTV with NFL Sunday Ticket.” as he picks up a lightning bolt and scratches his back. The co-worker, amused at the powerful fan’s flagrant use of his money “How much did that cost you?” The fan responds “Nothing it was included.” Confused, the co-worker requires clarification “You mean you don’t have to pay extra to watch all those games?”. The powerful fan answers him “That’s what included means.” as a young blond woman dressed in shiny silver metal clothes gets on the back of his lightning bolt. “Catch you Monday.” the world’s most powerful fan says as he and the hot young blond woman take off, riding the lightning bolt through the wall.

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