Esurance Beatrice Offline Over-Sharer Commercial

Esurance Beatrice Offline Over-Sharer Commercial
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February 14, 2014


Beatrice, an Offline Over-Sharer, shares her vacation photos with her friends. “Instead of mailing everyone my vacation photos I’m saving a ton of time by posting them to my wall.” Beatrice points to the photos taped to the wall in her house. A woman sitting on the couch says “Ooo, I like that one!” Beatrice explains “It’s so quick! It’s just like my car insurance! I saved 15% in just 15 minutes.” Another woman in the room says “I saved more than that in half the time.” Beatrice isn’t pleased “I unfriend you.” as if they were all in a social network. The woman replies “That’s not how it works! That’s not how any of this works!” John Krasinski narrates “15 minutes for a quote isn’t how it works anymore. With Esurance 7 and a half minutes could save you on car insurance. Welcome to the modern world.”

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23 User Reviews

  • terio54 says:

    While the ads with the older ladies are funny, women that age are the workers who went from typewriters to computers and learned basic long before the Mac or wysiwyg, or even DOS. Before Microsoft there were hundreds of programs to learn.

  • Dee Ann MacBride says:

    I LOVE Beatrice. In fact she is my new assistant on FB, when she not shopping at Montgomery Wards ;)

  • Beth semke says:

    Esurance commercials are great. Obviously don’t take Beatrice and friends too seriously. What you young people lack today is a good sense of humor. Get over yourselves……it is MEANT to be funny and works.
    On the other hand, State Farm commercials, especially the fishing one, is neither funny or smart. The gal singing for money……..think I will cancel my policy with them.

  • Mike Browne says:

    That repulsive old bat Beatrice in the esurance commercials and that overly lipsticked broad bottomed woman who plays “Flo” in the Progressive spots are both incentives to trash a TV and sign up with a competing insurer.

  • DEW says:

    When I first saw the Larry DVD rewind I thought someone was trying to make blacks look dumb. Then I saw the other commercials whit equally dumb whites young, and old. I’m not a fan of any commercials especially insurance ones, most just want your money then hate to pay out. Please no commercials EVER. I pay for TV so why do I have to see these stupid things?

  • El Warpismo says:

    I’m 98 and this commercial upsets me. I run my own MMORPG shard on my VPS and regularly contribute to push requests to multiple Github GNU projects. This commercial makes people my age look imbecilic. I’m all for going after Geico, but let’s not try to upset every demographic along the way.

    • Diana says:

      State Farm owns esurance, not Geico.

    • Jeff says:

      That’s really great and all, but if you’re not lying, you are most certainly an exception.

      And because I don’t care to make a seperate post to Diana below, he said “GOING AFTER Geico”, as in the commercial is mocking Geico’s “save 15% in 15 minutes” motto. Which I agree with, because Geico’s commercials have got to be the #1 most obnoxious of all.

    • Doug says:

      El Warpismo,
      Your comment doesn’t say as much about the commercial as you, and I mean that in a very positive way. I realize generalizing about demographics can have it’s downsides, but you are certainly not representative of that demographic. I am a generation younger than you and have a doctorate degree, but I certainly don’t have the ability to run a MMORPG shard (in all honesty, I had to look up what a share was)! Hats off to you, but I did find the commercial amusing.

    • El Warpismo says:

      I’m just teasing you guys. I actually love these commercials a lot. I was just satirically pointing out how it always seems like there’s someone on this site who is offended beyond belief by the commercial–no matter how ridiculous the concept.

  • felica devers says:

    I LOVE THIS COMMERCIAL…and I it’s sooo funny and memorable EXCEPT no one I know seems to remember what company it’s for :)

  • liz arndt says:

    I’m 70, & I think the ad is great. What is the actresses name who does the “unfriending”

  • m says:

    Im 40 and thinks its hilarious. Went to prep school and ivy league. Its called humor morons. Better than hump day

  • anKLJ says:

    Ad obviously created by a crowd of mostly under 30’s who all think it’s just hilarious to insult their grandparent’s crowd.

    Everyone OVER 40 or so (who a. developed the internet and b. hold most of the cash to spend) probably finds it condescending, insulting, stupid and lame.

    Way to “draw” the young audience while ALIENATING the older audience, Esurance!

  • Edgar says:

    F****** old turtles with her neck gangling like a punching bag, voice like she’s dying and body like she’s dying plus her friend with a voice like she’s dying. Please retards removed this commercial you look lie retards

    • iseeu says:

      One day you will be an old turtle too. Sorry you’re parents never told you that – along with not giving you enough love and hugs.

    • DEW says:

      Hey Edgar, You too will be old someday you start getting old the day your born. SOME PEOPLE, are stupid as to the way life works, one day young, the next old.

  • My favorite commercial right now… (besides those AT&T kids)

  • smoked out says:

    Most epic commercial lawl
    “I unfriendly you”
    omega I almost gigglepissed

  • Melba Toast says:

    I believe her name is chalupa batman.

  • maryhelenbazaure says:

    What’s the name of the unfriended woman on “Beatrice” esurance commercial?