Ford Kids Ask Santa Ford C-MAX Commercial

Ford Kids Ask Santa Ford C-MAX Commercial
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December 14, 2013


Santa’s Elf asks for the next kid to sit on Santa’s lap “Who wants to come meet Santa?! You do! Yea, ok.” Santa greets the little girl “And what is your name?” The girl responds “Abby.” Santa goes on “Abby, hello Abby.” Abby proclaims “I’ve been really good this year. I only eat locally grown organic food, I recycle everything, and my carbon footprint is like this.” Abby holds out her hands to show that her carbon footprint is very small. Then Santa gets an idea “Ho ho ho, speaking of little footprints, how would you like a dolly.” Abby replies “Actually I was thinking of a Ford C-MAX, Santa.” Santa is confused “Isn’t that a car?” Santa’s Elf explains “Technically it’s a hybrid.” Abby adds “Exactly, and when you hit up as many farmers markets as I do, that lift gate is a no brainer.” The Elf cracks a joke “More like a no hander.” Santa asks “Do I have a carbon footprint, Abby?” Abby answers “Reindeer are very green.” As Abby leaves the Elf offers her a candy cane, to which Abby states “I don’t do sugar.”

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2 User Reviews

  • Jelnel says:

    These are the worst commercials ever !!!! Reinforcing ridiculous stereotypes its really quite offensive. Santa’s and ford attempt at any “street cred” is laughable and super offensive Also others are correct the children are way too old.

  • Zo0tie says:

    Its slightly better than that ugly ford fusion commercial. But forcing children to act like overbearing adults is still lame.