Ford Kids Ask Santa Ford Edge Commercial

Ford Kids Ask Santa Ford Edge Commercial
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December 14, 2013


A little girl paces back and forth trying to get reception on her phone. “Hello? Hello?” She gives up and sits on Santa’s lap. Santa says “Well, I get no reception at the pole. Now, what would you like for Christmas?” The little girl replies “Santa we’re gunna have to do something!” Santa knows what she wants “Ho ho ho, so you want a new smartphone for Christmas?” The little girl adds “And a new Ford Edge, to Sync it with!” Santa asks “Ho ho hooold on now, what’s Sync?” The girl answers “It’s called MyFord Touch, Santa. Ford Edge has this awesome Sync technology. I can make call, take calls, and I can even hear my text messages out loud!” Santa has a joke “You know you’re really giving me the 411 on the Edge.” The little girl is not impressed “Oh Santa. I wouldn’t quit your day job.” Santa is heart broken “I won’t.” Santa’s Elf speaks up “He’s due for his break, so…”

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  • Drew says:

    Gee Whiz…..To Even Think This God-Awful Trash Is Funny Should Result In A Permanent Ban From Being Allowed To Have An Opinion.