Ford Kids Ask Santa Ford Escape Commercial

Ford Kids Ask Santa Ford Escape Commercial
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December 16, 2013


Santa’s Elf introduces Jamie to Santa “Santa this is Jamie.” Santa says hello “Well hello, Jamie.” Jamie says “I’m so glad you’re here. I sent my letter in earlier but I changed my mind. I don’t want a bike. I want a Ford Escape.” Santa replies “Well, that’s a lot bigger than a bike.” Jamie replies “Exactly, I was thinking with all my camping gear, I need the room. And, with the foot activated lift gate I could just toss my stuff in and go. Plus the Escape has EcoBoost power and great gas milage.” Santa is impressed “Well, I don’t know if Santa can get that shiny new Ford Escape down that chimney of yours.” Jamie knows all about it “Oh I know, just leave it in the driveway. Whoops, yoga class gotta go. Bye Santa!”

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3 User Reviews

  • NotABiker says:

    I think it sucks that are advertizing a healthy and sustainable way to get around such as Bicycles, that can easly hold items in a backpack/rackpack or a basket; instead they want to make a car “cool”.

    • 04redsoxfan says:

      Yeah because I’m sure I can totally strap 2 kids and my wife into a backpack and then travel the 60 miles for them to go see their Grandmother.

  • Patrick D says:

    I love it. These adults are kids at heart. They’re just fun.