Ford Kids Ask Santa Ford Focus Commercial

Ford Kids Ask Santa Ford Focus Commercial
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December 14, 2013


An Elf gets another kid to sit on Santa’s Lap. “Ok! Who wants to meet Santa? Get up here. You wanna go on Santa’s lap? That’s fun!” The kid gets on Santa’s lap and Santa says “Now, I bet someone wants a race car for Christmas.” The kid replies “Lets make it happen big guy. Set me up in a Ford Focus.” Santa is confused “Michael, that’s a real car.” Michael replies “Sure is Santa. Is that a problem?” Santa can’t seem to figure out how it would fit in his sleigh. “Well, it’s, uh, with the…” and makes hand gestures to how big it is. Michael continues “It’s got great milage and it’s so much fun to drive. It has awesome handling!” Santa relates “I wish my sleigh had awesome handling.” The Elf chimes in “Pretty sweet ride” and fist bumps Michael. Santa has concerns “But the Ford Focus is an awfully big present. Have you been a good boy?” Michael replies “Define good.” Santa asks “Sorry couldn’t hear you? What was that?”

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13 User Reviews

  • John Long says:

    I absolutely hate everything about these commercials with the kids asking for cars. it would keep me from wanting to buy your product.

  • Diana Olivieri says:

    MICHAEL IS “Owesome”

  • Ruth says:

    Fun ad. Neat kid. Well done … the Focus looks like a nice car.

  • MK says:

    This commercial is just dumb. First of all…the boy on Santa’s lap is big…I doubt a kid that age would go to the mall unless it was a dare/parents force him. Second…he’s too young to drive…so the commercial completely does not make sense. Besides…the kid acts like he thinks he’s some kind of cool. Not…just dumb. This would have made much more sense having a little kid on Santa’s lap and having the father, or the mother even, butting in to ask for the car. But this version…whoever thought this one up…keep thinking.

  • Barbara Hill says:

    I agree – this is why our society is in trouble. Children do not know the true meaning of Christmas; but rather, feel entitled. Kids need to be kids; not whiny, spoiled adult wannabees. I will not buy another Ford product if they think this is what it takes to sell a vehicle. Leave the arrogance to the other auto makers.

  • Nica's had enough says:

    I can’t stand these commercials. It’s bad enought my kid feels “entitled” to “upgrade” everything. And I have to explain why I don’t believe in keeping up with the Joneses and why she won’t be getting the iphone all her friends have because thier parents don’t know how to show true affection or how to say no to ridiculous wants. What, now she thinks she needs a car at twelve? STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sleepful~In~Seattle says:

    Nasty, entitled white kids disrespecting Santa while they want a big ticket item? Ford has a bad enough reputation, who are they kidding? This is disgusting.