Ford Kids Ask Santa Ford Fusion Commercial

Ford Kids Ask Santa Ford Fusion Commercial
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December 12, 2013


A kid gets on Santa’s lap “Ho ho ho. Now, what would you like for Christmas?” The kid replies “I want something to compliment my smooth.” Santa is confused “Your smooth?” The kid explains “You know, my style, and I know exactly what would do that.” Santa thinks he’s got it “Oh, new sneakers.” The kid has a better idea “A Ford Fusion.” Santa is confused “A Ford Fusion?” The kid goes on “I want something just as fly as me! Plus with EcoBoost the Fusion has sick gas milage, so I could show my ride off everywhere.” Santa agrees “Now that’s money.” The kid gets up to leave “Crazy stash SC. Candy cane please.” Santa is impressed with himself “Eh? I got it.” The Elf standing next to him replies “…no.”

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