Ford Kids Ask Santa Ford Super Duty Commercial

Ford Kids Ask Santa Ford Super Duty Commercial
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December 16, 2013


Santa’s Elf greets a “little” boy “Come on down! Haha look how big Sean got!” Santa greets this boy “Hello Sean, and what can I get for you little boy?” Sean replies “You know what I need big man? I need some torque.” Santa says “Ooohhh torque. What’s torque?” The Elf answers “Is it that dance move?” Sean corrects them “Torque! You know, power. I got three job sites and we’re always moving this or hauling that. My old truck can’t handle it. So, I want a Ford Super Duty.” Santa replies “Ho ho ho well, that’s a big boy truck.” Sean agrees “You said it Mr. C it’s got the most torque and payload. So I can build tons of stuff.” Santa says “Well, I’ll see what we can do.” Sean gets up off of Santa’s lap “Remember Santa, For Super Duty.” He points to his eyes and then Santa’s. Santa says “Well, I’ve got the chills.”

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