GEICO Ancient Pyramids Were A Mistake Commercial

GEICO Ancient Pyramids Were A Mistake Commercial
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August 10, 2013


Two construction works are eating lunch while leaning against their work truck. A taxi drives by with an advertisement for GEICO displayed on the roof. The smaller construction worker, having noticed the advertisement, says “Huh, 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.” The bigger construction worker remarks “Yup. Everybody knows that.” Embarrassed that he might not be as smart as the bigger construction worker, he replies “Well, did you know that the ancient pyramids were actually a mistake?” hoping to redeem himself. The bigger construction worker turns and looks at him like he’s an idiot. Then we cut to the ancient egyptians building the pyramids. The foreman of the pyramid project observes the almost finished pyramids, and then looks down at the blueprints he his holding. The blueprints for the pyramids show that they’re supposed to be huge squares (or cubes), not triangular pyramids. Now aware of the mistake, he simply utters “…uh oh.” under his breath and turns to look at his assistant.

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  • Scott Graves says:

    Gotta love internet comments. It really shows the depth of stupidity that a liberal run education system has created. We can make Johnny Storm of the Fantastic Four, a guy whiter than sour cream, into a black man in the latest send up and that is showing racial sensitivity but when we make the overseers of an ancient Egyptian construction project, that is in the mind of a construction worker who didn’t know you could save 15% in 15 minutes with Geico, a white guy then everyone looses their shit.

  • Sue says:

    I think the hot Egyptian assistant in the commercial is the same one who is playing the drums in the new Escalade commercial now…yummmm!

  • aleidenberg says:

    People, listen… It’s a TV commercial! A very funny TV commercial. No need to make it political, religious, or defamatory. It’s hilarious, and sells insurance for Geico. Thats all it is!! Where was the outrage when Geico was hilariously defaming out cave-man ancestors!! Get a life, people!

  • I have 5 words” GET THE FU*K OVER IT”. It’s a Damn commercial meant to be clever to sell insurance. For all you bible thumpers, do you participate in the Santa clause lie? Because if you do you’re no better trying to be all Jesus this and God that. You make me sick. It’s about Jesus not Santa. I served in the United states army infantry and went to Iraq 3 Times in combat. I saw things that would make some of you commit suicide but do I complain about that? No I do not. Grow up and deal with it. If you don’t like it than MOVE TO ANOTHER COUNTRY. Oh my God did they just make fun of a race lets all Get together and complain about it and pull the race card. This is why our country is in trouble because of the people who can’t seem to pull the stick out of their ass and live life. Some of you need a good hard lesson on having tough skin and to not be such a pansy. I’m out.

  • matt damon says:

    and reallllly why do these al sharpton wanabe negros pull the race card ?who fuxin cares no one knows for sure what damn color they were…history suggests green Ancient aliens

  • matt damon says:

    reallly who is the hot guy the contractor turns to

  • jim says:

    It’s OK to whiten up the Egyptians but don’t you DARE whiten up Jesus!

  • jim says:

    I’m white, could you explain what takes place in the commercial again more slowly and maybe add pictures, and stuff?

  • does not matter says:

    Not offensive at all….A joke ! And no,
    I did not forget slavery…that was what,
    LAST WEEK? ..GOOD GRIEF , I’m pissed
    off about my heater core going out..
    Soooooooooo, which race do I blame
    for that? ( bunch of douces) ..

  • Israeli man says:

    I’m a Jewish/Israeli man and I found it offensive. Having said that what if geico made a commercial about a story in the bible pertaining to Jesus and joked around, would that be funny?

  • Orlandoa says:

    All I want to know is the name of the pharaoh’s cute assistant.

  • FDR says:

    You f*****s just want to be angry for the sake of being angry. It’s a stupid commercial, just like all other Geico commercials.

  • StudentofHistory says:

    Blacks didn’t build the pyramids, or anything of significance for that matter. Ancient egyptians, who are similar to the egyptians who currently inhabit the land, did. Read history, you idiots. Afro-centric statements like these make you look like absolute fools trying to cling to whatever they can.

    • David says:

      Moors civilized Europe but we didn’t build anything of significance? You’re an idiot.

    • Egypt says:

      Please explain the astounding amount of artifacts and other evidence to prove ancient Egyptians were black??? Please lay your misguided view of my history as insignificant. Ancient Egyptians paved the way in civilization that was mimicked by every other civilization after. The pharaohs descended from family blood lines until the Roman empire took over after the empire was already collapsing. Don’t believe me, hit the books. Since you claim to be a student of HIStory, this should be light work

    • Egypt says:

      Your ignorance makes me smile.

  • felicityridge says:

    I liked this commercial. I laughed.

  • steve g says:

    Hey’s time u get life. Its a freakin comercial. Stop looking for f#@&k bulls*** . I am A JEW.. if I am correct we were enSLAVED and built them too… I am not upset. I think it is creatively funny!

  • Tony the Tiger says:

    Troll city

  • ceontrey says:

    The commercial totally disregarded the the original inhabitants of that land who built those pyramids which was the black man of the nile valley civilization.

  • mark says:

    Yes the people who build the pyramids were blacks. There are indeed white people who know this and agree with that statement.

  • milt says:

    In regards to the geico commercial I find it very very offensive. We’re talking about at least 4000 years b.c. on the continent of africa even Egypt Egyptos itself means land of blacks given to them by the Greeks who were taught everything they knew the sphinx itself has been dated 17000 years b.c. With unquestionable evidence the men in the commercial represent modern day Egyptians who are the offspring of the invading

  • chicagonative says:

    Omg who cares about race anymore. Blacks are the original people. So we all have “black” in us. Read before u just say things. P.s. white women I love you.

  • smfhd says:

    Every one . Shut up plz

  • A Black Man says:

    Pyramid ad is totally offense b.s. Pyramids one of the 8 wonders of the world, how would the white executive who dreamed up this idea believe they are a mistake

    Also, white people had nothing to do with black men whom built pyramids. Commercial is inaccurate, racist leaning & Hollywood misleading no white skinned Pharoah’$ wee’re in Africa 2,500 years ago. Joke is on Geico, with this garbage ad- A Black Man.

  • Emm says:

    That’s because there weren’t African slaves building the pyramids….it was Palestinians.

  • SMH says:

    This is a complete falsification of history. I know it is a joke but the image of the men does not depict Africans in that region.