GEICO Camel Movie Day Commercial

GEICO Camel Movie Day Commercial
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October 10, 2013


The GEICO Camel, voiced by Chris Sullivan, returns in this pre-movie advertisement. The camel walks into a movie theater “Uh oh, guess what day it is. Guess what day it is. Uh, excuse me ladies, coming through. Guess what day.. Ooo popcorn!” The camel sticks his head in someones bucket of popcorn. “Hey guess what… popcorn!” He sticks his head into someone else’s bucket of popcorn. “Oh you put extra butter huh. Nice.” He stands in the middle of the theater. “What day is it? What’s today? What, what? Do I have popcorn in my teeth?” He finds Mike, from the previous GEICO commercial, and he’s talking on a cell phone. “Hey Mike! Mike mike mike mike mike, guess what day it is. It’s movie day! Turn off your cell phone!” The woman sitting next to Mike asks “You know him?” Mike answers “Yea we work together.” The camel speaks up “Uh is that your mom man? Oooh movies with your mom, I did it dude. That’s nice. Movie Day! Whoot Whoot! Give it up! Haha Movies!”

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