GEICO Gecko Remote Controlled Boat Commercial

GEICO Gecko Remote Controlled Boat Commercial
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March 24, 2014


The GEICO Gecko is in Baltimore on a sailboat. “Ahh, beautiful day in Baltimore, where most people probably know that GEICO could save them money on car insurance, right? But you see the thing is GEICO, well, could help them save on boat insurance too. Oy! Ok, I’m ready to come in now!” We zoom out to see a boy with a remote control, controlling the boat from the dock. The GEICO Gecko keeps trying to get the little kid to bring him back ashore. “Hello?” The kid answers “I’m trying my best.” The Gecko continues “Seriously, I’m serious. Request to come ashore.” The kid struggles to get the remote controlled boat to shore.

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4 User Reviews

  • Jay says:

    Love that this commercial takes place in my hometown and my favorite area there!

  • Myriad says:

    Adorable this kid!!!! Adorable!!!

  • dearmrputin says:

    That obnoxious child needs a strap to his ass.

  • Sam says:

    The Baltimore remote control sailoat commercial with the kid saying: “I’m tryingh my best,” is the very best commercial you’ve had this year. The kid is beyond precious.

    Also, I’ve grown to love the Maxwell commercials. So very well written, so clever. Absolute genius.