GEICO Look On The Bright Side Whale Commercial

GEICO Look On The Bright Side Whale Commercial
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September 8, 2013


A whale swims the blue seas of the open ocean. On the inside of that whale, are two men that the whale has swallowed. One appears to be a surfer and the other a scuba diver. The surfer, eating a can of food, says to the diver “Ya know man, I dig it here.” The diver rebuts “It smells like anchovies and whale saliva.” The surfer disagrees “I don’t know, it’s kind of cozy.” The diver strongly disagrees “It is not cozy, Sheldon.” The surfer, Sheldon, tries to explain his outlook on the situation “Listen bro, you gotta look on the bright side.” The diver seems hopeful “There’s a bright side?” The surfer goes on to explain “Yea, I saved over 15% on my car insurance by switching to GEICO.” A wave of water comes rushing in carrying another occupant for the whale to keep prisoner in it’s stomach, a kayaker. The surfer sees the kayaker “Hey! It’s a new guy!”

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