GEICO Philly Cheesesteak Shuffle Commercial

GEICO Philly Cheesesteak Shuffle Commercial
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February 1, 2014


The GEICO Gecko is in Philadelphia talking about their Philly Cheesesteaks. “Here in Philadelphia you can access a Philly Cheesesteak anytime, day or night. Just like you can access GEICO anytime day or night. There’s only one way to celebrate this unique similarity. Witness, the cheesesteak shuffle.”

Lyrics: “Cheesesteak, cheesesteak, it’s the cheesesteak shuffle. Every day all day cheesesteak cheesesteak. Every night all night cheesesteak cheesesteak. 9am cheesesteak, 2pm cheesesteak, 4am cheesesteak, every time, rawr!”

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14 User Reviews

  • Comrade_Ogilvy says:

    Um I’m sorry is this an insurance company? Cause they never talk about anything but bulls%$@ in their commercials.

  • El Warpismo says:

    I know this is gonna sound so edgy and counter-culture and s***, but I just want to point out that Geico ads consistently target the lowest-common-denominator. Its brilliant, but morally-bankrupt, to exploit the fact that dumber audiences will parrot one-word catchphrases. “HUMPDAY!”, “WEEEEE! “CHEEESETEAK!”. Advertising from Geico is literally watching an animated thing shout one word into the screen for 30 seconds.

  • Ronnie Stark says:

    I like both the Gecko and the pig.Some of the earlier Gecko ones were more clever, like the dollar bill and the thing falling on the Gecko.

  • Luis Frances says:

    I love this lizard just love him

  • lauriehenderson says:

    Love this lizard

  • Eric says:

    Dumb commercial that makes me never want to use Gieco insurance. So annoying. If that lizard were real, it would be on the bottom of my shoe.

  • Alex M says:

    This is another great commercial to the haters, to the idiots that say “This insults Philly” are idiots. #bootsandpants

  • Leigh says:

    Ad is extremelly annoying. And, first he’s in front of Pat’s, then sign shows Gino’s but he’s dancing on the same table. Was that intentional?

  • Craig Griffin says:

    Love it! I need to learn this dance. Some say my Electric Slide dance is getting old.

  • its an ad people!! chill out. it wasn’t meant to appeal to anyone in philly, it was comparing the fact you could get a cheese steak anytime there just like you can get a quote anytime at GEICO. geez!!

  • turboeli says:

    As a six year resident of Philly who has been visiting the city periodically all his life…

    The music is annoying, and the tone is tedious. I’d throw a battery at whoever made this ad.

  • Amy says:

    It’s offensive to me as a Philadelphian. Really?! Is that what their marketing people think will appeal to us? So lame…

  • Zach says:

    This crap is annoying.

  • Ray says:

    What the hell is this supposed to even mean?