GEICO Pig At The DMV Commercial

GEICO Pig At The DMV Commercial
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January 9, 2014


The GEICO Pig, Maxwell, is at the DMV and is asked for proof of insurance. “I need proof of insurance.” Maxwell the Pig hands the lady his phone “That’s my GEICO digital insurance ID card. Gots all my pertinents on it and such.” The DMV lady replies “Works for me. Turn and face the camera.” She takes a horrible picture of the pig “Actually I think my eyes might have been…” The DMV Lady interrupts him to keep the line moving “Next!”

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  • Kimmie says:

    I seriously doubt they would ever cast a woman of another race in such a vile disrespectful role. Why are African American woman always so willing to take these scripts? 100% of the commercials written for a female lead that happens to be black always has an attitude, poor communication skills and 9 times out of 10 they are all obese! This isn’t a true depiction of what African American women are like, but they can’t get normal roles on TV.

  • Brenda says:

    Patricia Belcher does an outstanding job as the DMV employee. Given the comments on this and other sites about her, she managed to draw a strong response from viewers (negative). I find her performance hilarious and the glue that holds the commercial together.

  • gots to be careful! says:

    It’s no wonder that today’s youth have trouble with the English language. When did “gots” become a word and when did “pertinents” become a noun? This has got to be the whitest (color) black pig ever;

  • e. kelly says:

    I hope DMV Workers look at this commercial….

  • Tom Pendergast says:

    Actually it would be “pigics”, the “on” comes from the word ebony which doesn’t fit in this usage. You’re welcome. :) And yeah, it’s pretty damned ridiculous that somebody would use the word “gots” in a TV commercial.

  • john bryan says:

    Who would’ve guessed that Maxwell lives on Prince Edward Island? Though Springfield must be a new subdivision since I don’t see it on any maps…

  • Interred Ferguson says:

    I’m sure this ad will be deemed racist by many. I don’t recall the porker using pigbonics before, so maybe it is, given the fact he’s interacting with a black person. That’s what will put it over the line for some.

  • Mike Landry says:

    So funny, they keep getting better, I didn’t think they could beat the pig in a blanket but they did.

  • Typo above…….. “Gots all my pertinents on it and such” Thanks for pointing out it was on a phone. 99guspuppet