GEICO Pig In A Blanket Commercial

GEICO Pig In A Blanket Commercial
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GEICO Pig In A Blanket Commercial

Maxwell, the GEICO Pig, is at a football game with his friend, checking his GEICO App. “And uh, so you can see you’re like right here and I can just, you know, check my policy, here, add a car, uh, speak to customer service, check on a claim, ya know?. All with the uh, tap of my GEICO App.” His friend looks up and says “Aw that’s so cool!” Maxwell the Pig replies “Well I would disagree with you but uh, that would make me a liar.” His friend explains “Naw dude, you’re on the Jumbotron.” Maxwell the Pig looks up to see himself on the Jumbotron when a graphic appears below his saving “Pig In A Blanket!” Maxwell frowns and looks at the snuggie / robe he is wearing. “Hehe yea, I pretty much walked into that one.”

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  • Dozer says:

    What idiot says, “After years of that obnoxious gecko, let’s switch to an even more obnoxious pig! Even better, we’ll give him a metrosexual persona!” Butcher’s hammer straight to the forehead for fruity maxwell…

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