GoDaddy Running Bodybuilders Commercial

GoDaddy Running Bodybuilders Commercial
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January 22, 2014


A bodybuilder runs down the street as an uplifting song plays in the background. Soon, even more bodybuilders join him. Danica Patrick also joins in the run, sporting some serious muscles. We see that a woman, Selena, has just set up a website for her company, Selena’s Spray Tan. All of these bodybuilders are flocking to her store because of it. Selena holds up a spray tan gun and says “It’s go time.”

Lyrics: “Yeeaa! Good morning! It’s a beauteous day, a wondrous day, the flowers bloom and the animals play. The sun beams down and I need to shout in a hap hap happy way. It’s a beauteous, wondrous, simply scrumptious day! It’s a beauteous, wondrous, simply scrumptious day!”

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  • Joel says:

    The song was composed and produced by JSM Music, Inc.
    Music: JSM Music, Inc.
    Composers : Joel Simon, Neil Jason
    CD/Executive Producer: Joel Simon
    Executive Producer: Ross Hopman