Hardee’s Terrell Owens All The Love Hold The Hate Commercial

Hardee’s Terrell Owens All The Love Hold The Hate Commercial
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December 26, 2013


A woman wearing a swimsuit, played by Rachel Mortenson, emerges from a pool and throws a football to Terrell Owens, who is hanging out by the pool with a bunch of gorgeous women. “I had a love hate relationship with Philly.” We cut to Terrell Owens in 2005 getting food at a Philly Cheesesteak outside restaurant. “I love the food.” As Terrell walks away with his food a car drives by full of people, and one yells “TO! You suck TO!” as he walks over to a picnic bench to sit down and eat his food, the people already there see him and get up to leave. “But the fans hated me.” A little boy rides up on his Razor scooter “Hey TO!” pretending to be happy to see him. Terrell Owens smiles at the boy, and the boy slaps the tray of food out of Terrell Owens hands, spilling his food all over the ground. We cut back to Terrell Owens by the pool. “But now with the Philly Cheesesteak on a burger, I get all the love, and hold the hate.”

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