Captain Obvious At The Bar Commercial Captain Obvious At The Bar Commercial
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March 12, 2014


Captain Obvious sits at a bar when a pretty girl from across the room, played by Daniela Fridman, makes eye contact with him. “I’ve always found you don’t know you need a hotel room until you’re sure you do.” The bartender says “Thanks Captain Obvious.” Captain Obvious continues “Which is what makes using the mobile app so useful. I can book a nearby hotel room from wherever I am.” The woman walks from across the room over to Captain Obvious. She walks past him to the man she was actually looking at. “Or I could not book a hotel room and put my cell phone back into my pocket as if nothing happened., I don’t need it right now.”

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  • Beadie Locke says:

    I find this “Captain Obvious” character creepy and sleazy. It reminds me of the Burger King character that silently crept around looking in windows. Can’t your advertising people come up with something else? I suggest you put them to work or get a new group. Icky!

  • Orchidgirl says:

    This is a disgusting commercial!!!

  • P. Hartle says:

    I am so disgusted by this commercial! The first time I saw it, it literally made me angry! To assume automatically that when you see a beautiful woman, eye contact or not, that you need to book a room is extremely horrific! I know that he plays a so called inappropriate person, but he is teaching our children to automatically expect sex in a hotel room. This does not make me feel as if this company is family oriented in the least. Respectfully, P. Hartle

  • Reese says:

    I can see how christians don’t like the message being one myself. That said I find the captain obvious chacter quite funny. The other commercial where he walks into the dive hotel room with the family standing there and I think they found a finger on the floor and the captain says,”that’s unsetteling”. Still wierd and not everyone’s cup of tea but at least it is not a turn off to christians and other people who value morality. Thanks….

  • mag says:

    This ad is positively hillarious. .. I can only imagine what type of people find this commercial offensive. .. loosen up this is the 20th century!

    • deidre pace says:

      Just because it’s “the 20th century” doesn’t mean this or anything like this is acceptable! That’s ridiculous.just because society slowly throws all moral values down the drain doesn’t make it right..I’m not a sheep..I don’t follow this world I follow God

    • dude says:

      Umm… it’s the 21st century.

  • Mike says: has now become the “Hooker” pickup hotel service, and now they’ve tacked on “For lovers” onto the end of their commercials. I stopped using the moment I saw these commercials. Terrible, and the likely hood of catching scabies from the bed of their newly targeted audience is enough to make me say, “No thank you”. Never again with

  • Heather says:

    As a woman I do not find this offensive or degrading to women at all. Everyone has that moment when they think that the hot person was waving at them or when you are the loser that popular person was talking to you. Lighten up!

  • Handsome Faces says:

    Funny as heck. Makes more fun of a man’s sick desperate mind then it does degrade women. Also THAT ONE GUY, are you the guy with the crazy instrument?

  • james says:

    you stick in the mud foggies need to lightin up and get out there and travel a little and have some fun for once i your life it’s short u know !!!!

  • Ruth says:

    This commercial is very offensive. It is very degrading to women. I don’t want to ever watch the commercial again. Please don’t make commercials like this again or I will never use again.

  • Noreen says:

    Every one of your commercials are dry disgusting. Good decent hotels do not need this kind of bad ads. I change the channel.

  • Harley says:

    Tony, it appears to be a 1965 Barracuda with a modified back window.

  • Tony says:

    It’s humorous, but I have a question about his latest ad. Does anyone know the make and model of the black coupe in his latest ad? I think it’s one of the best looking cars I’ve seen in a long time. It may be a 53 or 54 Studebaker Hawk by the shape of the windows. If you know, please comment.

  • Diana says:

    Lighten up it makes me laugh!

  • Jean says:

    This commercial with the creepy looking man in the red coat is positively disgusting and offensive. Why would your company want to send that kind of message ? It is played during the day when children and people of all ages can see it. I would never patronize any company that uses this kind of advertising.

  • Kathleen says:

    Sorry, disgusting!

  • Kathleen says:

    I think this ad is discussing!

  • El Warpismo says:

    This commercial in one sentence:

  • Phil sergeant says:

    I, for one, will never entertain using due to this ad.. The others are cheesey enough but this demonstrates that is morally bankrupt. What type of message does it send to adults and children alike when it is naturally assumed that people require a hotel room for sex the moment a glance is exchanged?

  • Dale Martin says:

    This commercial is offensive. Talk about a war on women. Does he think she’s a prostitute? The only thing obvious about Capt. Obvious is that he is obviously a pervert.….ewwww. Creepy men use this sight. Stay away!

  • john bass says:

    who is that lady at the bar!! she is hot!

  • john bass says:

    who is the lady at the bar? she is hot!! whats her name?

  • G. Lee Kelley says:

    Why would your Captain Obvious commercial encourage one night quickies? Can’t you keep your advertisements effective without slithering around in the mud? What are you telling our children with this garbage? Would you encourage your teenagers to take strangers to motels for one night copulations? What if those bar-pick-up-one-nighters involved STD’s or AIDS? Trust me…I will never use your service and this email will go out to everyone on my contact list.

    • John Rector says:

      A one night quickie is one night less than a weekend getaway :-)

    • Larry says:

      Children don’t book hotel rooms. The ad is not designed for children. It’s too bad that actual adult behavior offends you. What kind of outrage you lot can fabricate for something as innoccuos and tongue and cheek as this is astounding.

      I would love to visit your planet one day. But while you’re here on our planet. Deal with it.

      • deidre pace says:

        One night stands aren’t “adult behavior” their wrong..the people who agree with this commercial are weak minded people who are manipulated by the media. The media has desensitized people of they’re moral values and created a bunch of morally bankrup sheep.

  • BC says:

    If anything, this commercial is offensive to over-eager, assuming, egotistical men. It is poking fun at men and how dumb they are to assume that they would need a hotel room after a girl simply “looks” at them. It is hilarious and discourages men from being so self-centered and dumb. Gives these types of guys a much needed reality check! Nicely done!

  • illusionary says:

    that is Tracy Spiridakos right?

  • Summer says:

    Not at all! I am a woman and find this ad hysterically funny. The pretty girl is obviously in a relationship with the man she walks across the bar to greet. The joke is on “Captain Obvious” for being so out of touch as to think a strange woman that he’d never met would want to hit the sheets with him! “I don’t need it right now…” ha ha!

  • Kathy Hinds says:

    When I saw this commercial, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. The first thing that came to me is how this is impressing young people who see it, as if spending the night with someone you just met in a bar is normal and acceptable. I just find this so deeply disturbing and am very concerned about how morality seems to be slipping away in this country. Someone who cannot understand how this kind of thinking is harmful to our society is ignorant and/or has not been around long enough to see how this kind of lifestyle eventually only hurts people. And as a woman, I find it particularly offensive. Sex today is a cheap commodity. I hate that our children are growing up with this lack of morality blaring at them from the TV.

  • Colleen says:

    I find this ad completely offensive. It portrays the wrong image for our society that it is OK to sleep around with strangers. In this day of psycopaths that murder and diseases like AIDS, why in the world would someone use such a tacky, immoral ad. Every time I have been subjected to seeing the ad, I want to scream at the company GROSS!!!. I will never use the website as a result. This ad needs to be removed from the air immediately.

    • Buck Show says:

      You are out of touch with 1) the market place, or what it means to connect to it, and 2) REALITY. Get off the internet.

      • Mike says:

        She’s right, I quit using because of this. Why would I want to get scabies from the bed of this hooker connection service?, never again.

      • Mike says:

        Given that you wear a bowtie, you might need the new hooker service.

  • Jane says:

    Sorry, I think has crossed the line. While it may seem obvious and amusing to some adults, it gives our children and youth a terrible message. A tacky commercial that should have been obvious to the marketing people. Hoping they will show some obvious class and remove it.

  • Vera says:


  • Marissa says:

    Because if a complete stranger walks up to any guy at the bar, he needs a room to go doink her… If she will, he will is the message and what’s “obvious” about this spot is that it is written for the male ego. Sick of it and will not be using anymore since this is their “men”tality.

  • Judi Jones says:

    Distasteful! Low class! Not everyone is about indiscriminate sex and one-night stands! Enough to make me not make use of this website!

  • Paul,. Karn says:

    OUTSTANDING COMMERCIAL!!! Not only was it very well done and funny, the concept behind it, the reality behind it was very well thought out. Great job to the ones who came up with this! Capt’n Obvious getting shot down and past by! The commercial works, and will stick in my memory more so that others due to this commercial alone. OUTSTANDING JOB!!!

    • Mike says:

      Your a major loser if you honestly believe that. Anyone that reads your post knows your just trying to jab those who don’t like it. I suggest you stay in your mommies basement a few more years until you grow up.