JELL-O Dads Tough Day Commercial

JELL-O Dads Tough Day Commercial
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JELL-O Dads Tough Day Commercial

A father and son are sitting at the kitchen table eating JELL-O pudding. The dad says “Wow, I love JELL-O.” The son, ever so curious, asks “Why?” The dad tries his best to explain why he loves JELL-O so much, and starts to tell his son a story about his day to day life. “Well, imagine waking up every morning with a little less hair.” The child starts to imagine himself as the dad in the story and we see the son looking into a mirror, his hair thinning, and combed over. “Then, driving to work in heavy traffic.” We see the now balding child driving a car between two 18-wheelers / tractor trailers at breakneck speeds. “Only to find out when you get there that the project you were working on for a year, suddenly canceled.” We see the son drawing a picture with crayons, and the boss comes over and rips it up in front of him. We then cut back to the kitchen table “Well, the chocolatey taste of JELL-O pudding makes up for all of that.” The son, who now knows what it’s like to walk a mile in dads shoes says “Here, you need this more than me.” and hands the dad his JELL-O pudding.

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3 User Reviews

  • A. Carol Perkins says:

    I absolutely love the commercial with the little redheaded boy and his Dad. Especially when he says “I gotta go back”?…..LOL. Great job!!!

  • mmlynch1 says:

    Can’t you use proper English in your commercials? “You need this more than I” not me!!!

  • Sams mom says:

    this is an accurate and adorable, and slightly sad, advertisement for a food that is most delicious following anything you just masticated. who doesnt love chocolate jello pudding!?!?

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