Kayak Stairlift Commercial

Kayak Stairlift Commercial
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January 10, 2014


A man is on his computer in his office, when his wife yells from upstairs “Honey come to bed!” He replies “Ok!” and the chair he’s sitting in starts to automatically move out of the room. As it turns out, the man has rigged his moms stairlift to be used as his desk chair. As he rides the stairlift up the stairs his wife asks “What did you do to your moms stairlift?” The husband replies “I had to commandeer it. Searching for a good hotel deal takes forever. I can’t afford to waste a second.” The wife has a better solution “Just use Kayak.” The husband is curious “Kayak?” The wife explains “It compares hundreds of hotel sites in seconds to find the best deal on the hotel you want.” The husband is impressed. He passes his mother on the stairs as she tries desperately to get up the stairs. “Huh, hay ma! I just found the best hotel deal!”

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13 User Reviews

  • cashy063 says:

    What school of advertising advocates offensive messages to sell products or services. I long for the days when sponsors distanced themselves from negative or inappropriate messages. It seems that there is no such thing as empathy anymore and there are too many examples of laughing at the downtrodden, who are seen as hapless buffoons rather than fellow human beings worthy of more thought than a punchline. I don’t think these scripters have the depth or insight into what makes mankind special rather than uncaring followers of gratification. But I was only in print advertising for 34 years, so what do I know anyway?

  • Delorean says:

    I actually love this commercial (I admit I laughed) but I figured some people would be offended by it.

  • tam says:

    Advocates elder abuse…so disrespectful…

  • John O'Brien says:

    I thought their brain surgery was bad, but when this one comes on I change channels. I certainly would never do business with Kayak.

  • susan says:

    agreed..this is the worst commercial i have ever seen…will tell everyone how terrible it is and to pass it on to all friends…never never kayak…. the lowest of the low!!!!

  • This is the weirdest ad for Acorn stairlifts I’ve ever seen.

    (is it bad that I know that? and is it bad that I only know that because of ads during The Price is Right?)

  • derek says:

    This is the most disrespectful commercial I have ever seen in my life it needs to be taken off TV

  • Diane says:

    Rude depiction of the elderly. Can’t you come up with something more appropriate? Go back to school and get educated!

  • Pamela Detweiler says:

    Sick………..tasteless …….clasless…….insensitive toward honoring lderly. Shows everything sick about our slick narcisstic youth driven Godless society!!!

  • Jan Williams says:

    Horribly offensive to the elderly and disabled. My 89 y/o Mother has a bruno chair lift and I don’t find this pathetic commercial one bit funny. Neither does my 92 y/o Father or anyone else I know who has seen it. One thing for sure, I will never use the Kayak website.

  • gochoosy says:

    Terrible commercial. shows off a selfish, sociopathic attitude on how to NOT care about the elderly

  • Stacie says:

    I agree with the above comment… The first time i see it itwS not the hotel name that i remembered but the eldeyady being left to climb the stairs… If the point of the commerci was to create conversations good job… But horrible marketing! I only paid attention to the hotel name because I wanted to leave negative feedback… This commercial is very unrespectful!

  • Julie says:

    I hate this commercial. It’s the worst one ever made. I don’t think it’s funny at all that the man uses the stairlift and lets his old mom walk up the stairs. What does this is say about respecting our elders (respectable ones that treat us well)? FB friends, “like” if you agree with me.