KFC I Ate The Bones with Co-Workers Commercial

KFC I Ate The Bones with Co-Workers Commercial
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April 23, 2013


Three Co-Workers sit around a table at KFC eating KFC Original Recipe Chicken. As the man in the middle finishes his meal, he looks down and realizes that there are no bones on his now empty KFC paper plate. He starts freaking out, at first exclaiming “I think I ate the bones”, and then coming to the drastic conclusion “I ATE THE BONES!” with a frantic sense of urgency, as if looking for someone in the restaurant to help him.

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  • LHS says:

    As far as your “con” is concerned, I think that you are missing the point. The point with the banter at the beginning is that the chicken is very good (it is their normal chicken) . To me that sets up the context for the amazement that chicken this good must be regular, unprocessed chicken (i.e., chicken that contains bones). Perhaps you miss the point, but for people who might be skeptical about over-processed chicken, that banter at the beginning adds to the commercial’s content as says that it is quality chicken.

  • lol says:


  • Rob31 says:

    I think I Ate The Bones!!