KFC Kids Are Eating the Bones Commercial

KFC Kids Are Eating the Bones Commercial
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July 16, 2013


KFC continues it’s “Ate The Bones” campaign with this commercial, featuring a bunch of kids eating KFC Original Recipe Chicken on the front porch when the dad comes out to check on them. The dad sees the original recipe and begins talking to them “Yooooo, HA HA, original recipe, that’s my jam, that’s old school. What whaaaat! What.. what.. what?” As he looks down into the empty chicken containers he sees that these kids have been eating the bones. “You guys are eating the bones these days. That’s cool…” he says under his breath, almost in fear for the children’s safety. He then quickly steps away and goes back in side the house, “Honey, the kids are eating the bones! Yes, get out of the shower, Carol!” The kids keeping eating their original recipe chicken and giggle about the misleading situation.

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