Lay’s Classic Painted Nails Commercial

Lay’s Classic Painted Nails Commercial
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June 3, 2013


In this commercial for Lays Classic chips, a woman is getting her nails painted when she spots an on break nail salon worker eating from a bag of Lays Classic chips. She watches her eat the chips with a look of yearning on her face as the song “Baby, I’m A Want You” by Bread plays in the background. The woman eating the chips takes a phone call and leaves the bag of chips on the seat next to her. When the girl painting the nails of the hungry woman turns away for a moment, the girl getting her nails painted sneaks away and eats as many of the chips as she can as fast as she can so no one will notice her absence. When the woman painting her nails turns back around, she is sitting there like nothing happened. But, her freshly painted nails are now covered in crumbs from the Lays chips, and her nails are ruined.

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