LendingTree The Break Up Commercial

LendingTree The Break Up Commercial
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March 25, 2014


Len is on the phone “I’m sick of giving and getting nothing in return. No, you know what? I’m through.” Lenny, a green puppet, sits next to Len “Ugh, finally, that woman was a nightmare, Len! With that horrible screechy voice.” Of course Lenny thinks Len was on the phone with his girlfriend. Len corrects Lenny “My banker, Lenny. I’m through with my banker.” Lenny is embarrassed and left speechless. But, tries to save his mistake by telling Len about LendingTree’s services. “Uhhhhhh, in other news, at LendingTree you can compare up to five competitive mortgage offers from their network of lenders.” Lenny goes on about how LendingTree helps you find your perfect match. Len asks “Screechy, huh.” Lenny answers “Like a falcon.”

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