Little Caesars Pizza Bean Bags Commercial

Little Caesars Pizza Bean Bags Commercial
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January 2, 2014


Two guys are hanging out on bean bag chairs, one reading a magazine, the other playing with his phone. A man walks in and tells them “Hey, Little Caesars has hot and ready pizza for 5 bucks. Lets go.” He grabs his keys and leaves the room. The two dudes on the bean bag chairs try to get up and go with him, but the bean bags are acting like quick sand, and the boys sink deeper and deeper into the bean bag chairs. “The harder we struggle, the deeper we sink! But the $5 pizza?!” Both of them sink completely into the bean bags and disappear. Still determined to get the pizza, one kid tries to use the bean bag as a vessel and the bean bag inches its way towards the door.

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  • OMG. Are you kidding me Lisa. That’s like saying, what will happen to a soldier when her or she sees a war movie? or what happens to those who were actually there when the Twin Towers were blown up when they air a documentary? I personally think the commercial is stupid, but if we have to “be considerate” to every detail because someone might have “terrors brought back”…well, we would have no television whatsoever. People need to think before spewing off at the mouth.

  • Orooso gahbda says:

    Where can I find those bean bag chairs?

  • Lisa says:

    I didn’t like this commercial. It made me think of the man that was pulled out of his bedroom and into a sinkhole in FL. I don’t think this commercial should be aired. What happens when that man’s family sees the bean bag commercial? It probably brings terror back to them. Be considerate.