Little Caesars Pizza Deep Deep Dish Combo Mambo Commercial

Little Caesars Pizza Deep Deep Dish Combo Mambo Commercial
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February 8, 2014


We witness the Little Caesars DEEP!DEEP! Dish Combo Mambo. What’s the Deep!Deep! Dish Combo? Four slices of DEEP!DEEP! Dish and a Pepsi all for you. Just follow the along with the lyrics, and get dancing.

Lyrics: “It’s lunch time, you’re hungry, we know how you feel. Your mouth wants Little Caesars and your wallet wants a deal. Four slices of DEEP!DEEP! Dish and a soda are for you. Hot-N-Ready for $5 and this is what you do. Bite bite, sip sip, that’s what makes the combo. Bite bite, Sip sip, do the DEEP!DEEP! Dish Combo Mambo. For lunch!”

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24 User Reviews

  • Jay says:

    To all the people saying the mambo in this is Mexican or non-specifically “Hispanic”… Have any of you heard of Desi Arnaz? Seen him preform with his band on I Love Lucy? They wore the same outfits. He and his band and the music they were doing is Cuban! Stop being culturally ignorant! This isn’t a mariachi band like you idiots are thinking. I’m Black and I keep informed with cultures different than my own. Maybe you people should too…

  • cornjob mcgee says:

    a couple of them are kinda cute…..

  • Mary Miller says:

    The commercial makes me glad I’m not Mexican! Honestly if I were, I’d sue them to change the name so people wouldn’t think Mexicans were such idiots as to like that food.

  • Gabi says:

    its sort of creepy and i can’t seem to explain why

  • Without the costumes, this is something I’d expect to see a group of drunken Spaniards all happy & goofing around as they’re leaving a bar heading somewhere to get a drink.

    Hands down, one of the catchiest commercials in a long time!!!

  • Pippa says:

    I LOVE this commercial. The best ad ever, but y’all are overlooking the freaky goof playing the piano!!

  • Rico says:

    Love the guy on the right at 21 seconds in it looks like he jerking someone off

    • El Warpismo says:

      I always watch him and wonder if this was the best take they could get. But then again it is a one-shot commercial so you gotta give em that.

  • Does anybody else think it’s weird that Little Caesars pizza is now using Hispanic theme music, costumes and actors to sell what is a traditionally an Italian food? (Besides being kind of an annoying commercial anyway) This commercial totally turned me off of LC for good now. LC has been going down hill for years. Greasy, slimy stuff on cardboard. I think this is nail in the coffin.

  • mikey ferrara says:

    Its too funny halarious a bunch of Mexicans daneing to combo mambo.its gonna be the new dance called (the combo mambo)…….lol

  • amanda says:

    I love the closeup on the guy with the trumpet at the end. Hilarious.

  • Frank says:

    Sounds like they’re saying “that’s the mexi combo” instead of “that’s what makes a combo” I’m sure that’s the accent though lol.

  • J. Lewis says:

    Best Commercial ever! It never fails to make me hungry, or to smile. I especially love the guy in the close up who smiles after saying “your wallet wants a deal”.

  • Greg Briggs says:

    I love the commercial, I dance when it comes on and its just great. My Fiancee on the other hand hates it LOL

  • Erika Clark says:

    I cannot remember a commercial that I have disliked more than this one. When it comes on I either mute the tv or I change the channel. It does not leave me with a happy feeling but rather a disgusted irritated one. When I finally figured out who made the commercial I was very disappointed because it completely disengages itself from the Little Ceasars brand. I can’t wait for this commercial to be phased out.

    • Gabi says:

      lol it sort of creeps me out for some reason

    • El Warpismo says:

      I don’t know if you’ve been watching Little Caesars commercials for a while now, but they abandoned the little toga guy a while ago in favor of more eccentric type spots. I’d say this falls in line, albeit a little more musical. And I’m also convinced they hired a real salsa band which gives some of these guys TV time they’d never have gotten a chance at.