Macy’s Another Miracle on 34th Street Commercial

Macy’s Another Miracle on 34th Street Commercial
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Macy's Another Miracle on 34th Street Commercial

Famous people come together, Justin Bieber, Martha Stewart, Jessica Simpson, Carlos Santana, Marcus Samuelsson, Tommy Hilfiger and Taylor Swift, to help store manager Harold during the Christmas rush. A blast from the past, Kris Kringle, also decided to help out. Kris Kringle from the original movie, Miracle on 34th Street made in 1947, is cut out of the black and white movie and superimposed into this commercial. Kris Kringle walks into the Macy’s store and is greeted by Martha Stuart and Harold the store manager. “I beg your pardon, could you tell me who’s in charge?” Both Martha and Harold reply at the same time “I am.” Harold decides to hire Kris Kringle and introduces him to the team. “Everyone this is Kris Kringle. He’ll be helping out today.” Kris adds on “Oooh but I’ve made an appointment with Mr. Macy at 4 o’clock.” Marcus Samuelsson turns to Taylor Swift and asks “Is there a Mr. Macy?” Taylor replies “Not since before I was born.” Kris gets to work and Jessica Simpson sees him. “Nice costume.” Kris replies “I’m Santa Claus!” Jessica doesn’t believe him “Ha, ok.” Kris asks Jessica to pull his beard. She does, and is amazed that it’s real. A man dressed as an elf and Tommy Hilfiger are watching “See Tommy I told you he was real.” Tommy states “You also said that about the Easter Bunny.” Justin Bieber walks up to Kris and puts his arm around him. “Kris can you please take me off the naughty list, I’ll do better. I promise.” Kris Kringle then walks up to Martha Stewart. “Well young lady what’s your name?” Martha replies “It’s Martha and you didn’t give me that pony I asked for last year.” Kris feels terrible “I’m sorry Suzy.” Martha corrects him “It’s Martha.” Now, Taylor Swift and Harold are standing next to each other when Taylor pushes Harold out of the way. Kris is driving a golf cart / ATV through the store and knocking everything on the floor. Harold walks over to him “Mr. Kringle, may I see your license please?” Finally, we see Santana playing his guitar in the middle of the store as Kris Kringle greets everyone.

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