Macy’s Star Gifts Commercial

Macy’s Star Gifts Commercial
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November 30, 2013


Store manager Harold and sales associate Carolina walk up to a woman Christmas shopping. “Christmas shopping?” The woman replies “Uh huh. What are Macy’s Star Gifts?” Carolina answers “They’re perfect for anyone on your list.” Harold speaks up “And specially selected.” The woman is impressed but still curious “Wow, by who?” Harold and Carolina look at each other wondering if they should get into detail about the process. We cut to a board room where they are selecting what items will be Star Gifts. Harold and Carolina are standing in front of a Santa, his elves, a Nutcracker, and a Gingerbread Man leading the meeting. “Next item on the agenda Star Gift number 213. All those in favor?” Everyone raises their hands except for the Gingerbread man who appears to be too busy with a phone call at the moment. “Cookie, aren’t you gunna vote? Cookie do you like the boot? Cookie boot?” The Gingerbread Cookie Man puts his hand to his ear and continues to talk on the phone. We cut back to the store conversation. “It’s a team effort…”

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